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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Lol

    He's going to have huge problems dating anyone except 14 year olds in his life if he thinks women are tainted by everyday normal relationships

    Seriously Who is he going to even be able to date at all unless he moves to a country where women are forbidden from leaving their houses

  2. Usually about 2. So he leaves 2 hours early and comes home 2 hours after getting off on average, when it would be a short drive (about 15 min).

  3. You’re absolutely right. You need a lot of help and therapy. You say you understand what you did but you don’t. At all. You manipulated him into a relationship by pretending to be a trusted friend? How did you expect him to react? Nobody would stick around after finding that out? Nobody. That you don’t get that means you have a lot more work to do in therapy than you think. Betrayal of the worst kind.

  4. Oh, behave! Not cool how your husband is trying to piggy back on your shagadelics though. One of those philosophical red flags. Like what, your wife can’t enjoy a fantasy without you being all equal rights towards her? Throw him in a fucking volcano

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