I (44f) just grabbed all my stuff and left my (42m) bfs house because I’m tired of him not “finishing” when we have sex


Sometimes he doesn’t finish either. But it’s really been getting to me how he’ll just decide he’s done and go in the other room and play on his phone.

But this morning, after he’d already done did that he came back in the bedroom, where I was about to go back to sleep and initiated intimacy again. He got probably the best bj of his life and left me with my toy and said “I hope you cum”

Wtf is that? I mean, he said and it sounded quite sincere, in fact I’m sure he meant it in a good natured way, fwiw. So at this point i feel like getting angry isn’t the way, but a little life lesson in humility and self awareness is definitely in order.

Am I wrong? Did I go overboard?

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Date: September 18, 2023

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