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  2. I do think we are compatible which may be part of the issue of why I’ve dealt with him feeling like this since November of last year.

    Currently the issues we are working on are -opening up our relationship (working on a therapist about that) -do we have the same goals in life (most of them actually are the same but sometimes I feel like he is so fickle he keeps changing his mind about what he wants) -him not being able to stick to things like jobs, as I said in the prev. Just him being unsure of what he wants.

    It’s so strange sometimes I feel like he is two different people. One day he’s lovey dovey we have fun and go on dates some days he’s cold and distant and it feels like I have to pry a convo out of him or ask him politely to be present. I don’t think he’s aware of how often he does this.

  3. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I was also cheated on while engaged but found out a few weeks before the wedding that he was cheating on me with his ex basically the entire relationship. This was a few years ago now and although I’ve mostly healed from that extremely volatile relationship, the shock of that information had truly floored me and made me question what was ever real (even doubting in my mind for relationships that followed after). It gets better, and believe me, you dodged a bullet before your lives became legally intertwined. Life just keeps moving and will readjust, you’ll find yourself in a better place mentally and emotionally than you are today – just allow yourself that patience and grace. It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling, just recognize that feelings change and fade constantly and this one is only temporary, not forever.

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