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  1. Totally fair, I’m overthinking. I’m just really anxious bc honestly relationships kinda scare me so when I found a girl that actually likes me I started going crazy. Thanks for advice!

  2. Toys are nice. Tbh, to me, it sounds like he was kinda bummed when you told him, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t feel comfortable with you using them. It could mean he misses you and sometimes that miss hits a little harder, especially when thinking about physical contact. Bringing up the toys might’ve just triggered him a little in remembering that he isn’t here to give you the physical attention he wishes he could. At least, that’s the only reason I can think that he’d be upset about it the first time, but didn’t actually say he was upset, and then doesn’t seem upset later.

  3. You might end up baby trapped so I would be extremely careful. You are right to not get married or even think of kids at this point..

    You aren’t happy and she doesn’t want to listen.. time to move on from her..

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