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  1. As many have said here – you're being used. Your job is not to save her. As a stalwart rescuer here: love and rescuing feel entwined, but you should be in a relationship that pulls you up, not drags you down.

  2. It sounds as if he has cut these others out of his life and prefers not to let them back in. It could be a jealousy thing too. You decide if it's worth putting the relationship in jeopardy.

  3. yeah and do you see a future with someone who can't deal with any type of argument? Just because something doesnt go his way, doesnt mean it's okay to just shut off and run. He needs to learn how to cope and compromise

  4. No. Absolutely not. Sex without consent is rape. Full stop. She was asleep and did not consent. If you agree that you’re fine with your partner waking you up with sex, that’s one thing. That isn’t the case here.

  5. Is the relationship salvageable? You have no relationship! she was 100% not intetested in you.? Very rude of her to make you the third wheel on the outting you invited her to, but she did not go as your date. Move on!

  6. I would tell anyone to leave a partner like the one you described. There is nothing positive even imaginable that could outweigh the abuse. So, yes, the professional who earns their livelihood with knowledge and empathy is right. Leave. Make a plan, stick to it. Let it be a physical act, don’t listen to your head, it’s lying to you.

  7. Because he doesn't need to test the kids for that. He wants to test himself and his wife and the kids' results are a mix of those two.

    This is false, both my mom and I did the test and my results were made more refined once hers came in.

  8. Usually the one who suggests such a thing does so because they are already over the relationship, has someone else in mind and wants to keep their options open if this new attempt is not successful.

    Everything you've said paints a very clear picture that the relationship was over long before this conversation. One of you saw the writing on the wall and started moving on with their life looking for a new opportunity while the relationship was in its final days and the other was just going through the motions with a little hope for the situation getting better but coming to terms with the fact that changes were needed to fix it.

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  10. He didn’t cheat exactly, since we were divorcing (he withdrew it when he found out I wasn’t lying) but yes he had sex with people.

    That's cheating

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    We are enforcing the two rules listed above by making all titles start with ages/genders in the following format:

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  12. Oh my god that's so fucking stupid. He's literally just asking for the impossible and then being a baby when he can't have it. No wonder you're turned off by him now. Not sure how you come back from this without a big fucking attitude adjustment in his part.

  13. First of all don’t ask him anything. You don’t need his permission. Get you a gym membership and workout by yourself. Quit walking at night with him.

  14. An example of a day that I have that makes me upset is the following.

    Yesterday. We both woke up at 5am. I worked for 5 hours at one thing that I do, came home, spent quite literally a few hours organizing the spare room (which really needed done since we moved in) as well as washing and drying any dishes, making myself some lunch and cleaning my mess, vacuuming the entire house, and doing + folding 2 loads of laundry. After that, I worked for around 5 more hours at my other job.

    She came home yesterday after working a 12 hour shift (she works 3 days 12 hours shifts but gets 4 days off a week). She cooked dinner. Ate. And then fell asleep on the couch and didn’t clean a single thing except folding her clothes from the laundry I washed. She woke up, scrapes the food off into one container, and she leaves every single dish in the sink. I find them when I come home from finishing working. She wakes up today, and goes to work. The dishes will stay there all day unless I clean them.

    It’s this type of day that makes me not happy.

  15. you sound incompatible tbh. move on before you get attached. he isn't going to communicate with you the way you want.

  16. And how was she supposed to know that from what's been shared here?

    She's not a mind reader. He's jerking her around because of his own embarrassment.

  17. This may be a redundant question, but does this make us incompatible?

    She wants to online in rural areas, and you don't, I'd say thats a pretty big incompatibility. Particularly when neither of you are willing to compromise. Thats a recipe for disaster in an LDR. You aren't on the same page at all.

  18. FIVE years?! Not only would I not want to bring a new baby into this broken family, but I’d be leaving you. Mentioning the affair was purely out of lust makes it worse tbh. It’s like deep down you hope that absolves you and gives your marriage a chance versus if you’d been in love. But really it just makes you more of a monster for not coming to your senses sooner and lying for the sake of getting off. Also, it sounds like if the other woman didn’t tell your wife, that you’d still be having the affair. All that said, how can you think this is a good situation to bring a child into?

  19. if you dont think it can be fixed you dont understand limerence. its a treatable issue. a very serious issue, but one that can be treated.

  20. You’re not wrong I’m at fault for sure but i don’t have hopes to date her again regardless of whether i tell or not cause it wouldn’t work well. I truly assumed they’d break up with how things went didn’t think they’d get married or even last a year more. I just wondered would a guy in that situation deserve to know still or is ignorance bliss here.

  21. Man there sure has been a lot of people posting this the last few days… starting to think this is just a regular ol troll post.

  22. No. Because I just got out of a 2 year relationship in August, and she came made the first move. Pretty sexist to think a woman can't initiate a FWB.

  23. I agree that many men view women as objects for their sexual pleasure. I also know tonnes of women who can enjoy porn without viewing men as sexual objects.

    The problem in this instance isn’t porn, it’s the type of porn that’s being consumed. Lots of amateur and female focussed porn represents porn in a much more realistic way. Perhaps it’s the case the men are more likely to watch the unrealistic, misogynistic, over produced porn, whereas women might be more likely to watch realistic porn with actual foreplay?

    If all one’s watching is women getting gang fucked or even just sex between a man and a woman where no foreplay happens for the woman and she just gets fucked without being warmed up, then of course a guy will likely start to view a woman as merely a sexual object.

    Perhaps in this sense the porn industry needs a shake up and men need to wise up to the affects their chosen misogynistic porn choices are having on their sex lives, but porn certainly shouldn’t be banned or viewed as entirely negative when so many people (pretty much all women I know who watch it) can enjoy it in healthy moderation and without it ruining their sex lives.

    In fact, some female pleasure oriented porn can be incredibly empowering for women, and could certainly teach men a thing or two about female sexuality.

    To conclude that porn is an evil because a certain sector of the industry promotes an unrealistic, harmful ideal and affects the way some men view women would be like saying weed should be outlawed and is entirely bad because some people can’t enjoy it in moderation without it negatively affecting their lives and altering their brain chemistry. This totally ignores the many benefits weed provides.

    The negative effects of the porn industry is definitively an important conversation, but the discourse should be centred around why most porn has historically been influenced by the male gaze, and young people need to be educated that this representation is a totally fictionalised version of sexuality. Porn absolutely could feature more realistic healthy representations of sex. This could be great for all involved. Saying it’s all bad seems puritanical to me.

  24. Seeing each other for 6 months dating for 2* so I wouldn’t “skip the label” lol but thank you you’re right and I agree it’s pretty shitty of me.

  25. Go after work, stay til 11, drive home. Go back to finish the next night after work. Sleep at home with your partner.

  26. Yeah, I'm friends with several men. Some are in relationships, some single. Some are exes of mine. Some have asked me out and I turned them down. ALL of them have always treated me with respect and friendship. Those who havent have been dropped from my life. Please, I ben of you all, hold men to decent standards.

  27. The ring is a symbol of the contract to marry, if you don't wed the ring is his. Everything else was a gift to you and is yours, he can F*ck right off.

  28. Congratulations!!!!! This is your achievement and you worked your ass off. Celebrate it. Your brother had 364 other days to choose from, and he chose the day of your graduation. The fact that your family and his fiance support that is disgusting.

    My advice for you is to get into therapy, go no contact with anyone who doesn't show up at your graduation, and online your best life. Don't ever get sucked into their toxic drama again.

    You need the therapy to get past the guilt of cutting your family off. People will try and guilt you for that because they don't understand how destructive toxic families are.

    Congrats again and I wish you the best.

  29. I'm pretty sure he knows that, he's just ignoring your evidence so he doesn't have to admit that he's aware of it. He's just putting all his effort into making you believe that you're the one in the wrong, so he can go ahead and say 'you made us break up so it's not cheating' when he inevitably admits to dating/having sex with your sister. The crazy mind games he's playing makes me suspect he's actually doing all this, planned with your sister. Like, she goes to you pretending that she told him 'the truth', so it's both of them against you to make you feel even more like you're the issue here not them

  30. Your bf visits you ONCE every four to six months.

    What are you holding onto here?

    Please also consider therapy, you dont HAVE to stay in this or any relationship.

  31. My rule of thumb (to start with) is “would I be okay telling my partner this/ sharing this with my partner?” If the answer is no then it might not be cheating per se but I shouldn't do it.

  32. Is she not allowed to sprinkle pie spices in her coffee if Emily once did?

    I’m so sorry that this is horribly off topic and unrelated to the entire rest of your comment… but I really had to take the time to thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful idea ?

  33. “you know: who can't have the grape's, always tell they are green… “

    And you can finish with something like: ” i know you're rightly sad, because she is really delectable/yummy!”

  34. It sounds like you are putting more into this relationship than she is. But when she wants to spend time with you it's somehow your fault. It's probably time to let this relationship go.

  35. Classic abusive relationship. Isolation, forcing dependency, degrading treatment. Run away! Reach out to your family! Get out and get away! Don't tell him – just leave.

  36. This is an very based response, and I’m genuinely amazed you haven’t caught any negative responses or arguments. For some reason, people have this idea that a spouse/partner has no right to know about a partner’s past because it “happened before them and it’s not their business.” For the most part, I agree what’s in the past is in the past and shouldn’t have too big of an impact.. obviously there are some exceptions. A key element to a strong relationship is being willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable with each other unconditionally.

    This kinda seems like one of the things that should have been discussed during the “getting to know each other” phase of OP’s relationships, people shouldn’t have to explicitly ask “have you done porn before?” Unfortunately in this day and age, especially with the rise of apps like OF (or the abundance of porn subreddits..) and the push to destigmatize/normalize participating in porn, it almost seems like the question needs to be asked.

    The largest concern here is that OP’s wife lied by omission, she intentionally hid this from OP out of fear. If it’s something she’s not ashamed of and doesn’t regret, why do this? At best, her actions are manipulative. People are supposed to go into relationships with trust.

  37. If you have the phone number and the first name it should be easy enough to find. If not, dm me. I do this for my friend in the dating scene all the time to make sure she goes out with someone who isn't a psycho.

  38. Let's start with her parents; I get your regret, but it wasn't about your age. You're also ignoring the fact that she played a role in it.

    So why did you break up? You're repeating yourself here, but fine, no, I wouldn't be with someone doing what you did. But why'd you do it?

    Obviously she can't trust you again, but you did and she took action to hurt you.

    So what are we talking about here? You're hung up on a shitty relationship. You're hung up on a shitty person. I assume you'll argue “yeah but I did shitty things and deserved it.” Fine, but that's not how healthy relationships work.

    Online and learn. You're asking how to stop focusing on her. Maybe you can't. Maybe she'll always pop up. But when she does, remind yourself of reality. That you were terrible together. That she was awful. That's it.

  39. You did not mess up. It's admirable that you know what you want, and you've communicated this. I've got a family and a daughter your age. Having a family is hands down the best part of my life.

    Having said that… I do think it is a very big ask to expect a 20 year-old man to feel the same. I had a kid when I was in my early 30's and my wife in her late 20's. We actually got married after our daughter was born – I thought it was right thing to do, with no pressure from my wife (we're not religious but still value the commitment).

    I was definitely not prepared, nor was I a good catch when I was 20 for a woman seeking marriage. I was a young, broke idiot.

    Give your bf some time. I think many men have doubts about the value of marriage. But… the right woman can help a man to see things differently (over time).

    Best of luck.

  40. Why are you surprised by this? She’s already shown you she doesn’t care about you when she cheated. She didn’t just have a one time mistake either, she was fucking another guy for months until you found out. That’s who she is.

    If you’re going to stay in this relationship, you better get used to her not giving a shit about how you feel.

  41. I want to point out, you probably didn't do enough to make her feel comfortable. You said she seemed shy and reserved. With women, that translates into not feeling safe or comfortable enough to be engaged. You said you gave her space and took your time. To a woman, that would definitely feel too polite and very non sexual. You might want to work on your seduction a bit. How to help women feel comfortable around you. Waiting too long ain't it.

  42. Op, dude take it from someone who tried to unalive myself when an ex tried to leave me when I was like 18…RUN! Even at 18 someone should be old enough to know better, he is 25. That is a fully mentally developed adult. You're literally being abused. You need to leave before this starts escalating to physical violence.

  43. Firstly I don’t care about an apology. I just need him to understand that these are the reasons why I’m not always up for sex and so he doesn’t think he’s the issue because he’s expressed that before. I’m not gonna bring it up every time I see him. I’ll probably never bring it up again. He knows the info so he can do what he wants with it. I just feel like he glossed over all of it. Whether he meant to do that or not. You’re the one that said men aren’t just looking for sex but clearly everything you’ve said just says the opposite. Or at least for you idk. You’re basically saying because I don’t want to have sex as much as him then our relationship is just platonic and I just need to leave him. A relationship is more than just sex and WE HAVE SEX. I just don’t need it every single time I see him, which is a few times a week. So am I just never allowed to not want sex? If we have sex last night but I don’t want it tonight then we just have a platonic relationship and I need to do him a favor and break up with him? Secondly, the fact that I “basically think he’s a future rapist” and I’m just playing the victim card is an absolutely wild thing to say. We just have different sex drives. I’ve explained why mine is low. And maybe that is a deal breaker for him. And if it is then it is.

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