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  1. It's easy to assume when information is missing, but the type of advice they may want could very well be based on this tiny information of whether they are his nudes or other women's nudes.

  2. I did.

    This is a scenario I've seen time and time again. As soon as you told him you had money, he considered his kid's wants paid for, regardless of your own needs.

    It's very likely he loved you. He loves money more.

  3. I don't think he's jealous about lack of opportunities. I think he's upset that he only has eyes for his wife and she doesn't feel the same. He wants to know why. There's no satisfactory answer for that. Some people are like that; some people aren't.

    Everyone's talking about how she was honorable, and she was, but they're missing what he's actually upset about and so they aren't addressing it.

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