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  1. Yes, it's really, really very hot. Maybe more insight will come to light later, but for now the best thing is to accept it at face value and get on with your life as best you can. Call on friends and family for support, allow some time to feel what you feel and plan some things in 3-6 months to look forward to. I know it's hell.

  2. You've got a new problem to post about every few days.

    Either it's a fake account for attention, you need to learn to cut toxic people out, or you're the one being toxic to have drama.

    It's one of those 3. No one has some new post-worthy drama every few days otherwise.

  3. Honestly that's only if they are married. I'm Godparent to my abusive ex's nephew. Something his sister has tried to leverage at least twice ever since we broke up in extremely bad terms. My Godparents are my dad's useless baby brother, and one of his sisters who sadly passed away when I was like 9-10… I really miss her. But yeah, it's the only sacrament required if the Godparents are married.

    The for sure required sacraments are Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation.

  4. Depends on the reason you want to text her. If you want an explanation on why she disappeared/ask if you did anything wrong, then do it. Or if you want to text her to continue as nothing ever happened you might be wasting your time.

    Either way, she shouldn’t have ghosted you like that, or perhaps you both had different experiences from that night? Only one way to find out.

  5. What is there even to compare? You are almost nothing like other couples and I bet even those bad examples didn't waste 13 years to only meet 3 times. Also why are you comparing yourself to the worst examples? Those are the lowest standards of couples and they usually lead to breakup anyways or toxic relationships. So just cause some people won the million dollar lottery you think you are also able to win it too? That is just so idealistic. Go outside and see real couples. Do you think they wasted 13 years LDR?

  6. Youll need a parenting plan or he could at any moment decide to take your child and go somewhere without you knowing and youd have nothing to report to police in some situations.

  7. But it is predominantly men who have trouble committing.

    Men really don't have a problem committing if we value the woman enough.

  8. Most people would react the way you did when faced with their partner intentionally doing something equally triggering, autism or not. You are not abusive. It’s good that you plan to discuss it with your therapist and find other solutions for the future, but regardless, your reaction in this situation does not make you a bad person.

  9. 100%. She probably only outing herself cuz someone else was going to, if it took her 8 months to get caught.

  10. Oh lord. Ok I do a lot at my house and she mentions this and feel loved because of it. I just gave some examples. The point is she is content with what I provide I am not listing all I do and all the potential gifts she get. She is happy with what she gets while I am not because of the problem I mentioned in the text I wrote.

  11. This is a massive red flag. I dated a woman like this and she found ways to get angry and jealous about everything and anything. It wasn't right away either. It took time. This woman is damn near 30. Get away.

  12. I'm low-key terrified of saying anything wrong and losing her again, I never really recovered from when she left me.

    OP I'm genuinely sorry to have to say this. But, grow the fuck up my guy.

    How are you not furious with this woman? If you take her back you will demonstrate to her that have no spine and she can do whatever she wants and you'll fall back into line like the little bitch she's made you into.

    Please please please, for your sake, kick this chick to the curb. Respect yourself.

  13. Is it a video call? When I was long distance with my SO we would just hang out together without feeling the need to talk the whole time. Sometimes there is only so much to say, but having the video time feels more natural than a silent phone line. You might also play some video games together:)

  14. Since it’s an unplanned pregnancy and the reason you didn’t replace your birth control is due to cost, I’m not sure why your surprised that your bf is not happy about it.

    If you’re barely keeping it together financially as it is how does the idea of an extra kid not make you feel uncomfortable?

    He may come around when the baby actually arrives but if I were him I would have a sour attitude too – a combination of annoyance at both of you for putting yourselves in this position and at the additional financial burden this baby will entail.

  15. Well have fun when your boyfriend and friend are fucking each other behind your back even though you told them not to.

  16. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE else is FINALLY seeing you for the person you are! Don't blame that on her….. that's 1000% on YOU!

  17. Maybe you should consider using your insight to get into some more fulfilling line of work. I'm absolutely nor being sarcastic and I'm not trying to bash overnight Walmart stockers, but it seems like a waste of your skills and you might be less jealous! You deserve more than poverty wages.

  18. You are good, they are both acting like children because well, they are children.

    There is no winner here.

  19. Yes. But women are used to having clothes that are handled in special ways. Men’s clothes rarely have special washing instructions.

    I’m not saying he can’t learn, I’m just saying she asking A Lot. She should make it easier or do it herself.

  20. But you don't live with her. It's pretty clear she's not happy about that and part of this may very well be her acting out about it, but that doesn't change the fact that you don't get a say in this.

    If you don't want her to live with you while she has a dog, then tell her that now so you can both figure out what the next steps are.

  21. I only smell it when my head is there, it’s not horrible, other pussies smell like this too maybe I just don’t like the natural smell, I know she’s quite hygienic, what do u mean about ph balance, but today it was a bit stronger than usual

  22. Do you really want to marry some prude, judgemental, 26 year old virgin who lacks empathy and uses religion as a tool to feel superior to others?

  23. I think it depends if you’re really rationally okay with it—if this is something you want—or if it’s something you’re trying to force yourself into because you like her so much.

  24. If you’re boyfriend is struggling you should either try to help him or explain to him that you need to end the relationship. Telling him you have feelings for his friend is going to make this situation worse.

  25. I was wondering this too, it seems odd that he’d ask her to look through the phone to find an old concert video to send to his cousin when he has stuff like that on his phone. Why wouldn’t he just do that himself. I’m sure he’s aware those videos exist so it seems very hot to believe he’d tell her to go through the phone to find an old vid without thinking she’d stumble on the cheating evidence.

    I feel really bad for OP, they seem like a nice person. People suck

  26. It’s so bad especially with reflections of cars or buildings. I damaged my left eye when I crushed that side of my face and I have a freckle in the back of it that has to be watched for cancer. I’m certain that if I had dark eyes I wouldn’t have that freckle.

  27. You're standing up and fighting for the most important thing in this world. Yourself

    Keep going, you will heal your soul again!

  28. So if you KNOW it’s a you problem and that you are over reacting then you also know no one betrayed you. So what you really need help with is getting used to the idea that the dynamic has shifted. Your dad doesn’t need to lean so heavily into you and that’s GOOD.

    You’d dad is building a homestead on his land for himself? Does he not already own the house your living in? Why does he feel the need to build himself a house when he already has one? Isn’t that a lot of work for a old man? If more space is needed shouldn’t you be the ones looking for it, not him?

  29. Your boyfriend doesn't understand because he doesn't want to. He won't accept a solution because it won't solve his real issue. This is a much bigger issue than it sounds.

  30. dude. statistics show that a huge amount of child SA comes from men that are invited into the home. boyfriends. him not doing laundry is the least of your worries, you let a stranger around your precious baby. this has got to be fake

  31. Well I’m not going to validate his addiction and the pain he’s causing me because, here’s the thing, addictions are pretty much all in your head, especially for things like porn. I know that’s very hot to imagine as everyone is taught that addictions are forever and not the addicts fault, there’s just something wrong with them, their brain is dependent on it blah blah blah, but that shit is a choice. You choose to crave it, and you choose to do it. Pleasure is subjective. Even he came to understand and agree with this and that’s why he was able to stop in the first place.

    Fucking Christ, I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m doing this or why it matters, I’m still just hurt and angry and getting defensive. I asked for advice and that’s what you’re trying to give me. I appreciate your responses.

  32. I think you are not a great match between him not liking your whole style (clothing, tattoo I'm willing to bet accessories etc) and you choice to permanently alter your body in a way he dislikes I don't see what grounds you hope to build a future on.

    Look spending money on this tattoo seems like a not great financial decision and it seems like the world, God or luck is conspiring to prevent it but you are clearly not listening to that and you don't want to change for your BF and he doesn't really seem to like you for YOU.

    I FEEL like if your really looked around and read what you wrote, it would be obvious your life is trying to go in several different directions, and you can only pick one…. so pick one.

    Good luck OP I hope you don't regret your decision whatever you decide. ?

  33. Does he worry about you? Sounds like it’s all about him and what he wants and you go along for the ride because you fear his reactions.

  34. Sounds like you were a mild sort of rebound. I'd move on. If he gets over her and comes back a year or two from now, maybe it'll be different. But don't wait for him.

  35. Some guys like the fact that they can riled a woman up to be angry. She should act disgusts and repulsed by the idea and like the idea of it is so ridiculous she can’t even entertain it without throwing up in her mouth or laughing because it’s just so unthinkable

  36. That’s reaaaally controlling for less than a year of a relationship. It wouldn’t be ok at longer terms but it’s concerning because control gets worse. If it’s already this bad it’s going to get significantly worse.

    Rather than trying to make a 50+ year old understand how friendships work maybe consider finding a relationship that isn’t a constant fight to be yourself.

  37. 3 months and he’s insulting you for no reason out of nowhere? And you’re “afraid he’ll get mad”? This is not worth your time. You’re not even 100 days in.

    Don’t date people who insult you.

  38. Oh, sweetheart, this is heartbreaking!

    Can you go to the doctor with her, and find out what's really going on? It may also be some unusual grief reaction, or trauma-induced psychosis. You need to figure out what you're dealing with.

    You're young – are you close with an aunt, uncle, or grandparent who can help?

    This is awfully sad. Have a virtual hug.

  39. If you're okay either lying to him or ignoring him every time he says “I love you” for half a year, being obviously distant or deceptive in your actions and attitude, having him question what he is doing wrong and trying very hot to fix something that's no longer there, and letting him be played as the fool so you can wait till you don't have to deal with him then sure don't tell him.

    But you aren't “sticking anything out”, you aren't interested in trying anymore and it is cruel to lead him on thinking something is there when it's not anymore. Sorry to say you can't make this not hurt. It sounds like he has REALLY strong feelings for you and has been there for you through thick and thin, lows and highs, good an bad. This is gonna be devastating for him no matter how you go about it.

    But you have already told him you've fallen out of love, he isn't dumb I'm guessing. Even post breakup he'll piece together you were just pretending to still want to be with him till you two's lease was up, that will make him have a lot more trust issues because it is inauthentic.

    I don't say this to guilt you or convince you to stay or anything. Codependency is a real issue that stems from feelings of low self worth, and it sounds like he has characterized a part of his worth in being a loving partner to you. That may be why he was so willing to help you in times of need with your mental health and financial issues. But now that you have begun to grow past those you realized you and him aren't compatible in the way you thought (it's not intentional on your part or his) and you are in a healthier place to explore yourself.

    And it isn't healthy for him either, those kinds of feelings of self worth should come from inside. Not being validated by “fixing” another person. And partnership should be with a person that compliments you on your life journey, not someone who is dependent on you and for whom you feel you owe your time to.

    I won't sugar coat it, after 5 years this is gonna hurt. Bad. And if his codependency is from feelings of abandonment as well as deriving self worth from being a good supportive partner (that as long as he tries his bests and helps you you'll always be there) then this may be the single most painful thing of his entire life up to this point. He will say and do things that seem utterly irrational, even beyond a painful breakup. But as painful and crushing as it will be you need to let him know now.

    Also do be prepared to have an out for yourself, he may simply give up on trying to do things for a while . I couldn't say, but there are still responsibilities and financial obligations to take care of. And lastly don't share custody of the cat, besides keeping him entangled when the healthiest thing for him is to process the finality of this breakup it's also just not healthy for the cat. Cats need stability and a feeling of safety or they get very anxious, and constantly moving from home to home would stress a cat out majorly.

  40. “I feel badly you don't think I have empathy. To be fair though, when you are expressing your problems and feelings, I am doing my best to listen to you and let you unload. I do not have solutions to your problems and I can't make you feel better all the time, but I can and do listen. That being said, maybe it is time to see a therapist to get the feedback you are seeking?”

  41. You two have been together since age 15. it's totally normal & natural for him to start wanting other things in life, even if he loves you still. You can't talk him out of this? It's inevitable. You aren't being insecure; it's just he wants to do other things after growing up with you.

  42. How? How can she go from being the sweet caring person I fell for to someone I don’t even recognize? We talked about getting married. Having kids. Everything. I thought I would be with this girl forever. I texted her about the money and she just said she wants to talk later. No apology. I feel like an idiot

  43. agreed. this part stood out to me —

    called me bipolar, crazy, absurd and a liar for even suggesting they ever existed!

    what the fuck.

  44. You need to think very seriously about a few things.

    Control. Coercion. Complete lack of regard for your feelings.

    Do you really want to commit to this man?

  45. Your therapist “friend” is wrong and gas lighting you. I know I wouldn't look past this if I were in your shoes.

  46. think like a man act like a lady

    Just grabbed the book, extremely positive ratings. Thanks for the positive influence.

  47. You should tell her.

    But also, are you seeking some good guy points from the internet for giving your girl flowers?

  48. If I'm being truly honest, it sounds like she is beginning the process of grooming Emma. Too much communication, cyberstalking, the girl just happens to be at the cusp of 18, etc. Your partner also sets off some red flags research has identified to be correlated with grooming (gift giving is a major one for unrelated adults).

  49. I think you should talk about it with the pregger.

    I never could have had my wedding without either of my sisters. They're just THAT important to me. No budging. Very hot line.

    But then, I wasn't asking people to go, like, horseback riding to the venue.

    Consider accommodations that could help her?

    I recently had a friend, Her best friend little sister got married during covid pandemic. It was like… a couple months or so after having her baby?? And she was SO STRESSED. She knew if she wasn't there. It would make her sister super sad. But leaving a newborn to go to a crowded wedding before vaccines came out was really tough. They made some accommodations to help her: everyone tested beforehand. She social distanced at the ceremony but took pictures outdoor with everyone. She didn't stay long during the reception. Things like that.

    Could this pregnant person still travel? Can they somehow skip whatever activity it is that they cannot do? We're you planning to have everyone hike to a mountain top?? Mountain biking? Ice skating or hockey? Jumping off a bridge into a river? High altitude? Bikram yoga? Very hot tubbing while eating deli meats????

  50. Am I not good enough to talk to you when you need someone?

    This is more than just about the comics isn't it? Can you explain what you mean here?

  51. Let him go. I guarantee you'll find someone who wants to come home to you now instead of eventually. You won't be happy in this dynamic. Power through the pain to move on and you'll be happier in the long run. There are good, monogamous men out there who won't treat you like you're not enough for them.

  52. I feel weird reporting… I’ve had so much drama lately I can’t handle going through more again

  53. You need to leave him, take time to recover and find someone on the same page as you. Don't stay because of sunk cost fallacy. He clearly doesn't consider you when making any decisions. Current or future. He couldn't be more clear

  54. My family has always called people like that a one-upper

    Their story/opinion/experience HAS to be better than yours

  55. I'm sure he's waiting to introduce you to his other angelic child, when the moment feels right. /s

    I don't see the point of continuing that relationship, when he lied about having a child, lol. And how the kid acts towards you? At what point have you decided enough is enough and to leave the father & son duo. I don't think it's going to get much better from here on out, staying with him.

  56. What do you do if your brother says something transphobic or otherwise bigoted, especially about your nephew? Do you push back? Or do you stay silent?

  57. We rushed because she wanted to and she had no where else to live. I felt like I was responsible for helping her out and I really wanted to help her get on her own 2 feet. She was definitely too young, idk what I was thinking there. I was blinded by how much I thought she needed me. I did break up with her but moving on is very hot. I feel like I’m leaving her homeless and with nothing after she wanted so much with me

  58. There is no best way to break up but to tell the truth with respect and leave. Don’t wait anymore and I encourage you to contact a friend or family to be there when you will do it to avoid any attempt of her to guilt you or harm herself.

  59. Why can he only do that by sleeping with other people? There are plenty of mature adults that understand “who they are” that only ever have been with one or two people. He doesn't need to sleep around for this. This is hog wash. I say either dump him or go on a break. Sounds like he's having doubts about committing to you.

  60. You’re homewrecking and seem like a narcissistic person. I bet all the “tension” in their relationship came from you and your inappropriate boundaries. You know it’s inappropriate but you chose to do it anyways. Hope karma gets you

  61. Never claimed to be oppressed , tf? Im very privileged.

    I was just trying to help but youre the type of ppl who would get upset bc their bf is gone for the day, so ofc u would hit the victim card.

    T'en auras *


  62. It’s very common for people to wear a mask until they are married. This is who he is.

    You are nagging. He knows what he’s doing. He’s told you he doesn’t want to change. You need to accept this about him and either live with it or leave. You don’t want to help yourself so you need to find a way to be ok with his choices. He’s an adult and he knows what he’s doing. Girl this man does not respect you or care about your wishes. You’re an adult too. No one can tell you want to do either. Your insistence on staying and nagging him to be someone he doesn’t want to be is a bigger issue than his lack of care for himself and his relationship. I strongly recommend therapy and reading up on Codependency. You will also benefit from looking into groups for partners of addicts. You’ll learn to stay on your side of the street. You’ll also learn that this is a you problem. He’s fine with who he is. You’re the one insisting he’s not good enough and needs to change. This is peak Codependency. He’s an adult with agency. Let him be and work on yourself. You’ll benefit much more from this. Al-Anon will give you great tips on how to accept your situation and remove the conflict from your relationship. No one can make you want better for yourself. I hope one day you wake up and realize you’re with more than this but your edits point to this being a few years out, if ever.

  63. He's looking for a romantic partner/SO and not just friends. There's no point asking for feedback since he's not interested and it will only make you seem desperate.

    Be confident in yourself!

  64. You’re not being unreasonable. This guy is showing you who he is. Believe him! This will be your life if you stay with him.

  65. No no no, I'm going to talk to him at work. None of this behaviour is particular to me either which is why I didn't think it odd.

  66. Let’s set the anger management, gas-lighting, abusive behavior and cheating aside for a moment. Let’s focus on the fact that she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion. This tells me that she knew she was not ready to become a mother. Now, suddenly, a few months later she thinks she’s ready? What changed? My guess is that this woman doesn’t know what she wants. Now, add the anger management, gas-lighting, abusive behavior AND cheating. Nope. Do not get this woman pregnant again. Run!

  67. I do not think you are being selfish here at all. You two are adults in a relationship. It is very typical for people to want to see their significant other very often. The best thing to do here is to clearly communicate the situation with him to determine if you two are on the same page. Can you two spend too much time together? Do you have potential timeline on when you could move in together? Do you or him have any anxieties about spending more time together?

    It sounds like his job takes up a lot of his time and spending time with his family is very important. Could you spend time with his family and him?

    It sounds like your relationship preference is to spend a lot of quality time with your significant other. Maybe he isn't ready for that and won't be for a long time. Perhaps he could spend nights with you after work if he keeps some of his clothes and toiletries at your home. Good luck!

  68. Time the glasses were left in the sink seemed to be a common question. They were left there overnight and it’s evening next day

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