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  1. Thank you! That’s made me feel better. I will definitely have that conversation. He said afterwards he’s really stressed with work so that explained the out of character outburst and apathy around Christmas but that doesn’t forgive the hurtful comments he made so I’m waiting for an apology.

  2. You need a solid plan for a compromise. Giving 5 more yrs is giving her 5 more yrs to decide to stay because she likes it there and 5 more yrs for you to be miserable there. Not only that… but are you going to wait 5 more yrs to get married??? Have kids??? Because if the answer is that you would still get married and have kids in that 5 yrs, then you should pretty much resign yourself to living in the PNW for the duration. Unless you are ok with divorce and being a part-time parent living in Texas.

    It sounds like you 2 aren't compatible anymore. So, the discussion that you should be having (discussion not ultimatum) is where you realistically see yourselves living. If staying up north isn't where you want to be and she has no desire to move south, as sad as it is, then she needs to stay, and you need to go. And do NOT wait until you are married and have kids. That just wouldn't be fair to anyone.

  3. Oh boi. OP you are on the mark, and agree with multiple posts. Might I add, as a step child myself that, your wife stumbled into the blended families trap card. No one should decide for her kids who their father figure is except for them. Full stop. Especially with how vulnerable they are feeling right now, you'd only alienate them by trying to take the role over by title.

    Be the adults. Have the conversation with wife's Ex about how the kids feel. Don't accuse him, he did not do wrong by adopting these kids, but he should be made aware and given the chance to reassure his biological kids that he still very much loves them and is still their father.

    The kids need this reassurance, not more change. They'll thank you for it later OP.

  4. [His parents] gave him a lot of freedom to just play games and stay in his room. Now it's important to know that this is the way he grew up and it's the way he is used to living.

    Honestly, it sounds like you and your boyfriend are both using this as a bit of a crutch to justify his behaviour and attitude towards life.

    As much as your boyfriend may come from a more priviledged background than you and his upbringing may have resulted in him having a different learning curve than other people his age, he is still 20 years old now and should be aware that he can't just game his life away.

    It's great that he has already made so much progress that he is actually paying attention to you when you are physically present, but the rest of what you are asking for is not exactly rocket science either. The notion that it's impolite to consistently be occupied with other things while you're on the phone pretty much falls in the category of “common knowledge”, and I think everyone learns quite quickly that you can't maintain a romantic relationship (or any relationship for that matter) if you don't put in any effort.

  5. He had previously shared with you that he had been victimized via images someone took of him and spread around. That this was a traumatic event for him.

    You then “teased” him about an image he'd already asked you to delete.

    It is, of course, not cool that he threatened you. But you certainly don't come off as some innocent angel. No matter when you “put two and two together”, you don't sound kind. Or like an emotionally safe person. It sounds like you were being mean.

  6. I'm with your mom on this. Men his age who lack having their shit together don't (can't) date women their age because we'd never tolerate it, so they far too often will go for younger women who have yet to reach that level of experience and maturity, to exploit that.

    What is he really bringing to your life? You're a young woman, who works, and you have your whole life ahead of you! Please don't tie yourself to someone who isn't helping you to grow and make a great life for yourself.

  7. So he thinks it’s selfish of you to want to get quality sleep in the same room as him still but it’s not selfish of him to impair your sleep because he needs to be cuddled all night long? That’s…an interesting view of things on his part.

    Also I’m curious how he gets his emotional attachment filled while unconscious…does he do wireless charging like a cell phone?

    You offered a very reasonable compromise of cuddles before and after actual sleeping and he guilted you for how you feel. I feel you need to evaluate this dynamic especially since it sounds from your other comments that this is a pattern. You deserve space and autonomy even in a committed relationship.

  8. Well I asked if I could temporarily stay at his whilst I get a new job. We had been together 3 years. Is that so unreasonable?

  9. Just some thoughts on the career part of the post (as someone who is just 10 years ahead of you, so I remember what being 18 was like pretty vividly): it’s common and normal to make career changes at multiple points in your life. Friends of mine without college funds are working in trades and love it, and would have the money to go back to school if they wanted to by around age 30. It’s a much more fulfilling life when you get to spend your 40+ hours a week doing something that makes you happy.

    Of course, having a college degree paid for is an incredible privilege, and it’s understandable if you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity.

    On the family front, you deserve your own space and privacy. You are an adult, you can vote and get married, and if you’re up here in Canada you can buy alcohol and cannabis legally. Whatever you’re doing with your spare time and friends (as long as you’re not hurting anyone) is your business. Your mom has some issues she needs to work out, and that’s not your responsibility.

    For your own sanity, start putting away any money you can. Get a part time job, tutor, do odd jobs, whatever you need to start saving to move out. Find a friend or two who might want to be roommates, and house hunt when you’re ready. Good luck, OP! We’re rooting for you!

  10. Immaturity or mental illness.

    Sounds like it's time for a sit down conversation, and if she can't do that much, then it's up to you to decide if you want to accept her behavior or not.

  11. Sister!!!! Please let this man go. Your actual husband has been waiting for you all this time. Let this guy go so you can finally be happy with the person you’re supposed to be with. This man has done nothing for you and will continue to do nothing for you for the rest of your life. You’re the sole provider, struggling with your health while he sits at home doing nothing? Is this really a person that cares about you? Hell fuxkinf no

  12. Instead of telling him he's unattractive, tell him things that women find attractive, and he might start doing them. For example, “wear chapstick girls like that.”

  13. I know of a woman who waited over a year to have sex after having a kid, I haven't seen op comment on the age of his child but his whining that it has only happened 3 times in the past year isn't a good look, pair that with him offering sex and her turning down and both them being uncomfortable.

    If a guy asks a girl for sex 30 times, and she says no 29 times then finally says yes, you don't think that's forceful at all?

  14. Ahhhh 🙁 was that actually the case? I understand now.. ik this is a bit personal and you don't have to answer but did you do the same when you were younger? I feel like this was insanely way back in the past when she did it, and her reasonings might be the same as you've said. Thank you for enlightening me though! Thank you, seriously

  15. What in the ever loving fuck. This is absolutely disgusting. I’d never in a million years make a comment like that to any partner let alone a partner who has mental health problems and been suicidal in the past. What the fuck is wrong with this man. Honey, I know we all jump to divorce real fast in this thread but damn, he clearly doesn’t give a single fuck about you. I’d rather be single and alone than deal with such an inconsiderate arsehole. Also, I’m very glad you’re in a good place.

  16. He said he didn’t use the folder anymore for the past few years since he found out he can just save videos on a pornhub account instead :s

  17. She is trying to ‘soft quit’ your family. She wants out but she doesnt want the messiness or hurt that goes along with it.

  18. You just keep dodging what I am saying. I do not disagree. The point is he is losing his ability to be responsible for his children. He would be responsible for the mother who is in turn responsible for the children. There is an important distinction there.

  19. You’re right. We finally talked today and I just briefly told him I love him and I know he knows that but I want love and respect as I deserve it. He literally responded back “I understand.” Nothing else so it is what it is.

  20. From my point of view it doesn't look great. I would at the very least consider cheating as an option. Start looking for other red flags in your relationship. Did she ever suddenly change how she treats you or your sexual habits at any time during the relationship? Also tearing up a condom package sounds like she's in a hurry to get to the condom, something you would do while being passionate.

    In a fully functional and trusting relationship, talking to her is the main option. However, when it comes to cheating most cheaters lie and if you show suspicion she will know to hide any evidence of cheating and making it harder to catch her.

    Take some time and think about your options and if she's in hindsight done anything that could have been suspicious but you wrote it off at that time.

    Personally I might check her phone while she's taking a shower or something. Looking at battery usage is a good way to see what apps she's using if they're hidden.

  21. I don’t know about this specific girl, but life does get in the way of things you’d like to do sometimes. It isn’t unheard of to care for somebody deeply but not keep up contact with them.

  22. While I would not say that sex once per week is “rare” – that’s actually pretty common in most long-term relationships – the bigger problem is that it’s not working out for you. Relationships are not perfect, and are built by imperfect people, but the product is supposed to be worth your efforts. If you are still feeling that the pros of this relationship outweigh the cons, you can proceed, but just know that this will continue to be an issue that will need to be resolved. This is not a call someone on Reddit should make for you.

  23. Use your words. “Bob, I should have been more direct – I am not interested in a relationship with you, please stop contacting me.”

    And then block him on all platforms.

    Do you even know this guy in real life or did he just show up in your messages? (Maybe check your security/privacy settings if any old random person can message you like that.)

  24. Getting a good position, right away will do so much for your future, than if you spend the next 2-5 years struggling for another great opportunity to come by.

    If he is “the one” it will work itself out, and he should be able to support you on your journey, even if it means choosing yourself in this. By staying, you potentially put yourself in an unwise economic spot and potential resentment between the two of you.

  25. Update: She has agreed to stay with me as long as I maintain going to a therapist/Psychologist. Which I have fully enrolled. I am going to be better for her.

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