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  1. Most people that don’t wanna get married and stuff might be because they already married and can’t seem to get the other person to get a divorce and he probably doesn’t wanna bring that on to you but that’s my opinion I seen it happen a lot especially bcz of Las Vegas

  2. YOU don’t need to do anything nor can you change him. He’s shown you time and time again who he is, it’s time to believe him.

    It’s always important to remember that it’s not your job to behave in a way that doesn’t get him angry, it’s his job to not get so angry. Why do you even feel it’s only your responsibility?

    If I were you I’d have left already, but if you want to try once more, you should sit him down in a calm moment and tell him you’re not taking this any longer. Tell him he hurt you and you’re not allowing that to happen again. Make it undoubtedly clear that if he ever dared to treat you like that, you’re gone. Be firm, don’t negotiate, just tell him this is the rule from now on. And then follow through with it.

    Again, HE’S responsible for his behaviour and if he doesn’t want to change, it’s up for you to decide if you let yourself be treated like that or if you do what’s best for you and leave this sorry excuse of a boyfriend.

  3. “He kept asking for what I'm doing just for him.” what does that even mean… he think's you owe him something because you had an abortion 7 yrs ago….. that doesn't even make sense!

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  5. You linked an article which describes the dangers of bedsharing in a soft top bed. This breaks the ‘safe seven’; you’re supposed to make sure you have a firm mattress if you sleep with your baby.

  6. It’s important that you don’t pretend you don’t know this.

    You know she isn’t all that into you. You KNOW it now.

    You honestly can’t have a happy ending with this woman.

  7. Wow by my username you can straight up see im a cat lady and that is fucking disgusting. Also im a 34 year old mom and this dude is 100% a fuckwit. Run before your child picks up a nickname for this man like, Cat Piss McGee

  8. I don’t think I was degrading myself, I wanted to try because I wanted to try to make it work, and there was a lot of trial and learning. As there always is with sex. I wanted to try the flavoured lube, and the numbing spray, and different techniques etc. to see if that would work, and when they didn’t, I decided I hated It and it wasn’t for me.

    It’s not that I lack a backbone, it’s more that after that, I had a 4.5 year gap in dating and wasn’t sure if giving head still bothered me and was willing to try again. I don’t find that degrading personally.

    I do find him trying to make demands degrading. Just that he even thought he could demand that.

    So though I appreciate you comment, and think it means well, I have confidence to spare, honestly, and as I’ve gained more experience my confidence and self-esteem has only grown as I’ve aged and learned the very hot lines of my likes and dislikes.

  9. These are not jokes. They're mind games and he's purposefully triggering you and hurting your feelings so he can manipulate you.

  10. You’re right that the motivators might be similar to other jobs but other jobs do not involve the same level of risk. If you’re buying something from a salesperson who hates their job, that doesn’t really mean much. If you’re buying sex from someone who doesn’t want to be having sex, you’re raping someone. There’s an ethical factor other jobs lack.

  11. Don't even ask for the key back, just change the locks. Nothing stopping them from making a copy.

  12. Are there opportunities to hang out as a group (with or without, probably with, bf) you're not taking? Could you be added to any group chats if you asked?

    Do you even want to be friends with his circle?

  13. Yes, I'm the one who asked him if he talks to his therapist about me. This guy is as sweet as pie and that would be such a weird thing to lie about.

  14. Welp I finally found the truth out this morning when I went through her contacts there was another guy she has been texting and that she had a heart next to his name, she's talked abt how she wants to kiss,hug and how much she loves him the same stuff she said to me and she still tells me she loves me

  15. You need to leave this situation. He didn't try to kill himself and he wouldn't have. And if he did, it's because he isn't getting the mental health services he needs. This is textbook manipulation. He has extreme issues

  16. Break up with him. He’s nasty and cruel.

    Maybe he should date someone his own age if he finds you so “immature”. And if he doesn’t like high schoolers then he shouldn’t date one.

    Regardless, stop thinking any of this is your fault. It’s not. He’s the problem. Get rid of the problem

  17. Lie, tell him you've broken up with him. Once you are done with your education & are supporting yourself you can tell him the truth if you want to.

  18. Dude. I once was in a similar situation with my ex and his best friend who I actually really liked and got on well with. Out of the blue, during a party ex and I held in our apartment, guy pulled me aside and just unloaded pretty much the same kind of bs on me. How I'm not good enough for him and all that (which was, all circumstances considered, absolutely ridiculous). I told ex later that night and he broke down in tears. Because he felt betrayed by his friend and knew he had to cut him off. My ex had a lot of issues and wasn't the best person all the time, but in that situation he had my back, fully. I didn't even need proof so he would trust me. You honestly dodged a bullet there, your SO sounds like a fool or someone who's been so heavily manipulated that it borders on brainwash. She listened to everything that you showed her and even cut off some of her friends for taking your side? Red flag galore, and you don't want to be competing with another man's power over your SO for the rest of your life, trust me.

  19. The ladies like confidence man. If you like her, ask her on a real date and don’t be ambiguous about what it is.

  20. The thing is how this is affecting the way he deals with things. If something makes him stressed, he’s gonna do it. And where we are in life , the probability of being stressed is high.

  21. I didn’t think it was a huge deal and I was being selfish for being bothered. I agree that honest communication is always best.

  22. So, usually you want to go on trust, but I would be honest with her that it is uncomfortable for you, and would prefer her not having one on one meetings during the week. Drop the relationahip while it's fresh. Ask her how she would feel in a same situation, especially if it is something where she is seeing him multiple times a week and you only get to see her on weekends. That's not healthy for you guys.

  23. Block him and forget him. Why would you want to continue to entertain the idea of spending time with someone so very hot and cold, right off the bat? Consider this a life lesson (some people are legitimately unhinged and it’s unwise to go to their home before knowing them)

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