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Date: September 27, 2022

2 thoughts on “KimKL on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. She isn't punishing you by breaking up, she just stops wasting your time. We don't choose our feelings.

  2. What is it that you want her to do to accommodate your phobia?

    If you meet up at your house or a restaurant or theatre or whatever, the dog shouldn’t be an issue right?

    And if you go to her house, you could ask her to crate her dog or keep the dog on a leash or in another room so you don’t have to interact with it.

    I guess I’m confused by your post because you say she doesn’t take you seriously but I’m also unsure why you need to be around her dog at all. ?‍♀️

    If she can’t respect the fact that you’re sincerely phobic about dogs and make some effort to shield you from that while you work through things then maybe she’s not such a great friend.

    As an example: I don’t hate cats and I’m not afraid of them but I’m super allergic. When I visit friends with cats, I take medication and they put their cats in another room because of course the cats love me and want to be all over me.

    Another: one of my stepson’s friends is afraid of dogs. We have two and they’re not small. The oldest is a certified therapy dog I take into hospitals and nursing homes—very well behaved. The other is a puppy and she doesn’t have all of her training yet. I crate the dogs when he has his friend over. It’s no big deal. I love my dogs but I don’t want someone to be frightened.

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