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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. it sounds like you have quite a lot of separation anxiety. for her, she probably enjoyed and needed a bit of time away from you, which is why she didn't message much – but for you, you were constantly worried and overthinking every time she didn't reply or pick up. I get that. I'm very similar in that way (although I'm in a LDR so it comes out in different ways)

    I think you both could do with sitting down and talking through it all. you need to learn to trust her, she needs to learn to trust you. communication is the only way to do that. just talk about everything. tell her exactly what makes you anxious, what thoughts it leads to, show her how your brain works in those situations. (but emphasise that your needs don't mean that she should bend over backwards to deal with them, but find something that can comfort you both.)

    I'm not sure what the actual Fight was about that this is referring to – particularly it having caused her mentioning she wants spoken consent for every kiss and hug – but it sounds like you may have been reading her signals wrong in the past, or perhaps ignored her emotions and assumed. i can't really say. but I would keep an eye on her reactions to this. there is a chance she's trying to distance you, keep you at arms length until she figures out her feelings, perhaps those feelings have changed. i truly can't tell you, and no one else here can either. you need to talk to her. about everything. just try not to accuse, go in open-minded, don't let your overthinking stop you from asking questions.

  2. i can not imagine him telling anyone because he would know it would get back to lucy. and why would he tell anyone that he cheated

  3. Right? Even if you're abysmally slow at typing it should only take 2 minutes to type that. 2 minutes out of 36~ hours is too big an ask for something she communicated was important to discuss

  4. He's trying to make you feel awful about yourself by constantly bringing up such a difficult time in your life. Instead of just loving you and accepting you, making you feel safe and secure, he instead is making you feel unsure of yourself, and making you doubt yourself. This gives him control over you emotionally. He throws back in your face all the reasons why you are inadequate in his eyes, so you can never really feel good enough. This is hugely toxic. Your partner in life is supposed to build you up and encourage you. This guy is not it.

    It's only been four months, and he's already throwing out so many red flags. I think it's time to let this one go.

  5. This is all a waste of very hot air honestly. She’s explicitly declared that she wants to be intimate with people who are not OP and after 2 years of being presumably monogamous. If she was satisfied in the current relationship she would never float this idea. Her mind is looking for new things in other people. It’s over and OP knows it.

  6. This is also something as a wife and mom I'm working on in therapy. I have ADHD, Anxiety and depression. I'm a work in progress because changing the way you react as things happen in real time and figuring out your triggers is very very hot when its so ingrained in you. It was also naked realizing that it's not that you can't complain or show frustrations, it's how you do it. I felt that I wasn't allowed to be jn a bad mood or vent frustrations in any way.

    I liken it to how a child behaves all day perfectly at school or at someone else's house and as soon as their mom comes to pick them up or they come home, and the child let's loose with their emotional meltdowns because it's their “safe space,” and the child feels comfortable and safe to let it all out because their home and their parents and siblings can see them like this. Like they hold in all day anything that bothered them, how overstimulated they were, how exhausted they were and it all comes out.

    My husband hates this like you, but my husband also does the same thing sometimes.

    For me, it's like if I'm venting to him about frustrations about a situation or event or a person, and it has nothing to do with him, he gets offended because he wants me to vent in the most unfrustrated way possible, even when something is happening in real time. I remind him that I'm not frustrated at him, I'm just frustrated at the situation.

    I decided after this last therapy session to get a journal where I could privately get out all my negativity and be as frustrated as I wanted about anything. I'm hoping that can allow me to get all out of my system to have a calm convo with my husband about my day without coming across as angry or snippy.

    I know for me vacations, date nights or any kind of breaks stress me out because I am the one who has to plan and coordinate. I coordinate my day, the bills, our daughters doctors apt, her activities, our social calendar, vacations, date nights, holidays, birthdays (my own bday). Sometimes all I want is a hotel for a night where I'm just literally in my PJs with a cocktail watching movies or a night out with girlfriends to get out of my own head.

  7. Had the exact same thing happen to me but wasn't married. This girl was insistent that I was cheating, I worked 2 jobs and spent more time with my boss than anyone. If I wasn't with her I was working or sleeping yet she still was convinced I was cheating. It got to the point she had her sister drive past my female friends house almost nightly to check if I was there. Turned out she was.

  8. It's been me taking the hits, pretty much exclusively. That said, he HAS helped me grow emotionally and be better about recognizing my own needs. But in terms of life position, yeah, I made stupid decisions and I'm stunted now.

  9. Please please PLEASE don't separate. Your wife has shown you that she loves you more than anything and wants to make this work. Go to counseling, the feelings will fade over time. A separation will make everything worse; I understand why you want it, you're hurt, but she's made it clear that the feelings didn't mean anything. It's easy to throw it away, but the easy decision isn't always the right one

  10. I came here to say this as well. If you weren't explicitly clear on the fact that what mattered to you wasn't simply having the watch, but buying it yourself, then she likely believed she was doing something really wonderful

    It's unfortunate if that wasn't communicated, but that's not the same thing as her actively scooping you on something that she knew was really important for you to purchase for yourself. You can still be disappointed, but you should definitely also be grateful, which it sounds like you weren't

  11. By his own logic, since you are moving in together there is no need for him to have his own space either. But from what you’re saying your BF doesn’t want to live! with a partner, he wants a live-in maid and cook he can have sex with whenever he wants without having to pay for it. I would seriously reconsider moving in with this person.

  12. This is an excellent answer. It's unlikely that OP will ever know with 100% certainty whether he's telling the truth. At this point, it's a matter of deciding whether she's okay with staying with him knowing there's a possibility that he's lying.

  13. I’m surprised you’re the first person I’ve seen mention this. The mother/child bond is good for both mother and child, especially this soon postpartum.

  14. Based on her upbringing seems she has some trauma, therapy could help.

    I’m read she is wearing jeans she wears outside which is why you think it’s unsanitary. However, she won’t wear other pants you’ve purchased. While working on the issue, could you consider getting jeans that are solely for her to sleep in? Ones she agrees not to wear out of the house.

  15. Don't dismiss his concerns, that will just make your situation worse. Not all trainers are stacked or threatening. Maybe bring him to the gym to meet a trainer with you, one he would be comfortable with.

  16. It’s take 11 years and I do believe you’ve know on some level during this time but there are two golden children and one scapegoat. It only gets better with low or no contact. Invest in therapy and hobbies. Once you surround yourself with found family, I believe you’ll be happier

  17. I was vulnerable. Don't leave me for this mistake. I'm locked into our relationship. I just want to do whatever it takes to win your trust back. Please. The app is gone. It will never happen again. Do what you have to do but if you could give me a chance to reconcile this with you. Can I come over?

  18. I can see why this is annoying. His heart’s in the right place, but his follow-through stinks. Even though having to get involved in his gift giving after the fact makes the gift feel like less of a gift and more of a chore, that’s what’s going to have to happen with this guy.

    Being willing to pay for a makeup solution is as far as his bandwidth goes. You’re going to have to spearhead the project – he’s willing to go along with what you want, but he doesn’t know what to do.

    Same with the book. He tried & failed. Now you need to go to the bookstore with him and make an exchange.

    There have been times in my long marriage that my husband has been similarly well-intentioned but devoid of follow-through. Not EVERY holiday; not EVERY gift, but some things that he wanted to “give” me turned into “my” project that he fully supported. And yes, it was annoying but not soul-crushing.

    If you want to stay with him, you have to accept that he’s not a gift-giving guru. That’s not his strength – and everyone has shortcomings. You’re the only one who can decide if you can live! with this one. It doesn’t seem like he doesn’t care or that he can’t be bothered to give gifts. It sounds like he’s just not good at it.

  19. Yup, misread the situation and deleted my stupid comment after I re-read the title.

    It sounds like the situation I've read from several male posters – “my wife has a new male friend but she swears that they're just friends”. If she cheats then that's on her, not you. If she excludes you from 'friend time' then that's a red line crossed and if you ever catch her in a lie then it's couples therapy for you.

  20. Oh you’re so quippy like I need roller skates to keep up with your cleverness! Call it a May-December-Non-Sexual-Relationship-Tersely-Tolerated-By-His-No-Doubt-Long-Suffering-Wife. There , I’m out. That’s all the attention your trivial attention-getting will get from me. I feel sorry for your therapist. Cue the exit music Mr. De Ville

  21. I know this is extremely difficult & I wish you all the best in the future. Healing & wholeness, light & love to you.

  22. Since you are obviously monogamous, it wasn't a wise idea to get involved with someone who is poly. Those two relationship types do not mix and someone always gets hurt.

    It's been 5 months, it may be time to break it off before more time passes.

  23. The guy sounds pretty smart. Planning a future for both of you. Meanwhile, you can only think about yourself and your fun lol

    It seems like your going to be resenting if nothing changes. Just break up with already and go out with your single friends

    If you think life is boring now, just wait a few more years lmao

  24. Thanks so much. I have time tomorrow and will go through the link you sent. I agree with you that he chooses this behaviour, as he treats his friends (he only has 2 or 3) and even strangers much kinder. Will listen to their problems and comfort people. But he won't do that at home. He was better with my daughter when she was a baby. But when she started to talk he backed away. Like I say, he hates communication. This is damaging to my daughter. She is so smart, as in, years ahead of her age academically. So she doesn't miss much, she catches everything he does. She has basically given up waiting for him to show love.

  25. You don't solve things when you are angry. You have to be calm. You have to make an effort to understand each other, find common ground, and create a compromise that makes both people happy. When you are angry its all about attacking and defending and understanding isn't possible. You have to be willing to listen and understand and recognize that even if you disagree with your partner on what the facts really are you respect their viewpoint and see it as valid. Your partner should also be willing to do this for you: listen, understand, and respect.

    If you are fighting late at night, the best thing you can do is sleep on the problem. The next morning when you are calm and willing to understand you'll see a problem that seemed like Mount Everest last night is nothing more than a molehill after you wake up.

  26. Info: Have you talked to your doctor about these memory issues?

    Depending how long they’ve been going on, I would recommend seeing someone about that first and foremost. For your husband, if this has been going on a long time then he could very well just be frustrated. Or he’s simply just reminding you to do something and you, not being able to remember, might get agitated by his want to help you. There’s a lot of context missing here in terms of tone, but one thing is for certain, get the issue checked out if you haven’t yet

  27. Tell her but try to send prove. I feel like it’s just not really helpful to say hey your boy is cheating on you and then there’s no proof. That just causes damage all around

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