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Date: September 28, 2022

3 thoughts on “Kitty_hotx on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. That’s not necessarily true. They’re older and they’ve lived together while OP and his gf haven’t. It’s a different life stage.

    I know I badgered my now husband about getting engaged but as soon as the timeline was “after I graduate” I dropped it because then I knew! Hopefully it’s just about getting on the same page.

  2. Oh dear OP, please please stop blaming yourself. I have read through your comments and you sound as though you agreed because you were afraid if you didn’t then he wouldn’t love you or that he would cheat.

    Then you did all the research when this wasn’t your idea. You even watched porn to prepare but porn is about as realistic as any Hollywood production.

    You recognize that your husband wanted to have sex with this other woman and that he found a workaround with this foursome. Then you blame yourself for having a good time, you aren’t mad at your husband for not defending you against this colleague and her nasty texts, and you feel bad for your husband.

    Dear OP – I am sorry that you have lived in an environment where your worth has never been clearly displayed to you. You don’t deserve any of this. It is completely unfair. You have nothing to make up to her or your husband.

    The next time she texts you reply with “This was your idea and your insecurity is shining through. Fix your relationship with your husband and stop interfering with mine. I’m blocking you – I won’t be used as your punching bag one second more.” and then block her.

    Then look at your husband and tell him to take some damn responsibility. If there were rules he needed to tell you what they were. He didn’t. And is he more upset to see that you had a good time with another man instead of him just getting all the pleasure? Do not apologize. Tell him you love him and that he is the only man you’re interested in but it is obvious based on his actions that you are not the only woman he is interested in. That you will not be his emotional punching bag either – he needs to come to terms to the consequences of his actions and he can start being a good husband by telling his colleague to stop with the angry texts. He played a stupid game, he won a stupid prize.

    If you care to, text the fourth member of this debacle and tell him that you’ve blocked his wife and that you’re not engaging in this charade any more.

    Next time OP trust your gut. If your gut is yelling to you “Oh hell no!” then say no. Stand up for yourself. You are a people pleaser. You will learn again and again and again that until you know your own self worth these jagoffs will take and take and take.

    Repeat after me; you did nothing wrong except not listening to your gut in the first place.

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