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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I told my boyfriend the number and anything morally ambiguous I had done before him, and he's told me the same. I really wouldn't wanna hear details of women before me so we don't talk about that

  2. Yeah just explain to her you where only trying to hear her, you have bad hearing…. and that you hope you didnt cause her any problems. Leave it that.

  3. You think it’s hot splitting a life with three pets, imagine how much harder it will be after you have shared property or even kids when he will inevitably go too far and hurt you seriously. He doesn’t see anything wrong with coming drunk (red flag) to your work event (red flag) and being violent towards you (red flag parade). Are you waiting for him to leave actual bruises? Break something? Get you in trouble at work (and people will already pity you and have lost respect for you, you can be sure of that)? Where is the line for you, if not here?

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  5. This guy is going to make your self esteem worse. Yes it's a red flag it sounds like he was looking to spark a conversation and not the just as friends kind.

  6. I don’t think it has to be a requirement to visit a place before you move there. It’s adventurous – and your comment reads like a jealous high school friend

  7. Spending an hour or two eating together every week seems pretty normal to me if you live in the same town, why does OP keep calling his mom needy?

  8. In what ways is your Mom “needy” aside from wanting to have dinner once a week? Is there something else or is that it? Because if that's the only “needy” thing she's doing, she's not “needy” she just wants to have fucking dinner with her son that she loves who just moved home.

    You said your “gf doesn't enjoy hanging out with my mom because she feels my mom pays too much attention to me and not much to her”. Is that seriously her only issue with your “needy” Mom? Is your Mom being rude to her? Is she ignoring her? Or is your girlfriend mad simply because YOU are the center of attention and she's not?

    Honestly, I find it weird as fuck that y'all have been together for five years and she's insecure about you having dinner with your mom because it “takes away from relationship time”. Get the fuck out with that shit. Does she have a problem with you spending time with friends and/or coworkers because they “take away from relationship time”, too? Does she have a life of her own outside of your relationship? Friends, etc?

    Given the info you've provided, I can only assume one of two things: You're either making your “needy” Mom sound less terrible on purpose OR your girlfriend is the one who is actually “needy”. You definitely aren't making your girlfriend sound all that great, though, I'll tell you that much.

  9. What she described doing with the friend is not “a kiss”. That’s just straight up fooling around. The fact that she let it get that far, and was “thinking about you” but apparently not taking your feelings into consideration? Yikes. I wish I had advice for you, I’m really sorry this happened. It’s a horrible feeling to feel betrayed.

  10. He’s in another state She had a boyfriend but he was crazy loud and essentially got kicked out

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