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  1. You aren't rushing. You've been together long enough… Time to move on to someone who does want a future with you 🙂

  2. I would never even consider being away from my girl. But it goes both ways. Also you left him. U were in his state. Then U left.

  3. She's choosing a rebound with the person that would hurt her STBX the absolute most.


    1) Rebounds seldom work out 2) She's using you for revenge 3) It's srsly uncool to date a friend's ex, ESPECIALLY if they're aren't even divorced yet.

    If you're even questioning this, your moral compass is skewed. Don't use semantics to excuse an inexcusable act. If you're a cheating scumbag, just own it. If you aren't, let this chick go rebound with/revenge fuck someone else.

  4. Something I realised when I was deciding to leave my ex. Its ok to love them. But ALWAYS love you more. Your ex doesn't look out for you, doesn't put you first and doesn't respect you. This is who he is.

    Loving him isn't going to suddenly change him into a new person who is considerate, kind and compassionate. You've loved him for years and he still treated you like an afterthought.

    You can love him, and no longer be with him. You can love him and put yourself first. These are not mutually exclusive things.

    I loved my ex, but I loved myself enough not to stay with them.

    Unfortunately, as an adult – there is no knight in shining armour to save you. You are that knight for yourself. You need to be to yourself, who you wish he was to you.

    You need to be your own best partner. If you feel you need support, I'd HIGHLY recommend a therapist. Mine was my lifeline. I won't lie, its VERY HOT. But its WORTH IT.

    I'd do it over again because my life now is 100x better without them in it. Its hands down the best gift I've ever given myself.

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