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  1. No, I agree. As someone who went through trauma and was actually in a relationship with the person I also thought was my best friend, I wasn’t a friend. Or a partner. I was obsessed with the person and I idea of what the could do for me/make me feel. Far too strong of emotions for a healthy relationship with boundaries. And even after we broke and up and stayed best friends I kept that. I couldn’t get past this obsession and notion he was my person, despite never respecting his right to choose and the boundaries he was realizing he had. All while he, Iike in the OP, was trying to be there for me through terrible times. Wasn’t until I distanced myself, got help, and actually experienced what it was like to love someone, to feel the need to respect their boundaries and autonomy because you love them for the person they are, that I realized how terrible I had been to someone who loved me at my lowest.

  2. You know thats a good point of view I hadn’t thought of. I feel like she’s expecting us to get married within the next few years which really is what gives me cold feet about breaking up

  3. My best mate has just suggested getting a bracelet or ring or something and giving it to her on my last day to say “one day, you can give me this back”

  4. I'm sorry but the answer here is that you can't help him. You can't get a job and go perform it instead of him, you can't care about it instead of him. He's an adult man! You are lying to yourself if you think you can. Things will only change if he WANTS them to change and decides to act, and then acts.

    I hate to say this because it's obvious you are kind and are trying to help him, but you have become an enabler.

    You are doing the opposite of helping – you are making his current lifestyle possible by paying for him and catering to him. f he had no choice, he would get a job. As long as the choice is: OP will keep me clothed and fed, then he won't.

  5. We are not legally married, we are on a 3 years ling relationship I act like a housewife and he expects nothing less and me either, I'm happy being traditio al on that sense, and even if we where married I wouldn't had any money to get a divorce lawyer hun, but isn't a little overkill to just leave.? I love him very much, and I think he loves me to, why would he provide me with a roof, a nice phone, a fridge etc etc. if he didn't care even a little bit..? I'm just asking for opinions here, I just want to listen to yalls perspective

  6. Tbf that’s a common throwaway account name, but I agree a lot posts seem to be fake now that the advice subs have become popular.

  7. It’s not about her being ok with their relationship

    It’s about being ok with her relationship with her son and her being able to handle her sons relationship with his father

  8. Maybe his wife is pissed about OP offering pictures of her breasts/sexualising them at any opportunity he gets, and is afraid of him not doing his share in parenting, hence, decided to go with formula so OP can step up too.

    Weird troll.

  9. Your marriage and your wife's happiness is at stake here. This calls for drastic measures. I agree that you cannot be around the sister. The sister is poison, she is actively seeking to ruin your marriage.

    I think also that you need couple's counseling to talk about this in a neutral setting and also some individual therapy for your wife.

    I am so sorry all this happened. You and your wife sound like wonderful people, and I am rooting for you.

  10. He doesn't.

    If he loved you, you would've been enough. He'd had no reason to search for other girls to get love or affection.

  11. Man what a one sided relationship. You did all the emotional AND financial labor?? You said you didn’t want kids but clearly you had one.

  12. Age gap, him not proactively telling you about this, and his constant flirting with her? All combine to say maybe you should be dating him.

  13. I think it might be best for everyone to wear more clothes. I think if you gf can go with just shorts and a bra, you can go with shorts and tank top. You will be very comfortable. (Her bra has to be a sports bra or a tank top).

    No one wears just underwear. (boxers or bras that can't be worn outside).

    Then if after six months net,net you enjoy their company, keep them at your house, and if you don't, give them six months notice to move out.

    My guess is six months down, you won't remember this being an issue… Hair in the shower drain, however… or in my case, I leave half empty glasses of water around the house.

  14. If he says he ok I think you should take his word for it but one thing I think you need to do is stop drinking because if you get drunk to the point where you don’t remember things is bad and during those time you can’t control yourself and that’s not good for a relationship

  15. I am so sorry. I had a feeling that was going to happen but still, I hoped I was wrong.

    I wish you the best life and he will probably regret everything.

  16. I don't feel like I can do a repeat of my ex a couple more times.

    Well that's the thing buddy, you won't. That's called growth.

    The relationship you had was a typical 20's one. You put EVERYTHING in, you made her the centre of your world and your social life and your free time. That is a young person's relationship mistake. Have a life outside your partner. Don't spend 24/7 in their presence. Have friends and hobbies apart from them.

    Be a whole person on your own, not a half looking for another half. And your next relationship will be better for it.

  17. and stupid at this point/for whatever stupid reason/something dumb/I am ashamed/Just plain old stupid on my part.

    It's alarming how much you put yourself down in a single paragraph.

    He considers it cheating

    That is alarming, you didn't do anything close to cheat.

    I understand where he's coming from

    and its because of me

    I feel horrible that i essentially took away his lifelong friends

    All i can do is admit to it being awful of me and apologize. But he doesn't want to hear any of the usual “excuses”

    You did nothing wrong. NOTHING. He decided by himself to alienate himself from this group of people due to an insane insecurity and need to control and shame you.

    You can roast me if you want. I've already heard it all from him about this. I know i fucked up.

    It is alarming that you expected more abuse for posting this. He is mentally abusing you and you should leave.

    I guess my question is, what can i possibly say?

    You don't say anything, you run.

  18. Soooo ur gonna teach ur son if u have one with this chick that men aren't allowed to have feelings or their weak?

    Because ur just gonna perpetuate the shit ur parents taught u and ur gf feels?

    Jeez.. talk about a toxic lineage.

    Im glad my husband isn't so insecure in his emotions. We can actually raise sons who know it's okay to fucking feel shit.

    Your parents failed u OP. And ur gf is an AH

  19. He might be joking. Maybe he just has a kind of dark sense of humour. I have no idea why somebody would want to hook up with someone that apparently gave them such a bad time before.

  20. He's losing control of you and can't mentally handle it or verbally express it without coming across as the jerk he is.

  21. She disrespected you over and over again, and it seems that you, rightfully, couldn't really forgive the cheating. You'll be much more happy with someone you can trust…

  22. Yeah I wouldn’t be as cool with someone spending their time doing that to people they know. That crosses the line of imaginary to my reality in my head.

    I also know his brain isn’t working in the same way. As long as he isn’t shooting his shot, he thinks they look good. He also thinks you look good. He doesn’t connect the two thoughts.

    Trying to police that would also come across as controlling. That creates tension and stress. Fighting that battle isn’t efficient, and won’t fix the feelings behind it.

    So rather than the insta, where do you need that validation from him for you to not worry about him trying to go past liking. What do you ask for, to make that happen.

    Unless you decide y’all aren’t compatible, where can you get a yes you need, since you get a no here?

  23. What’s so funny is you had forever to figure shit out and you waited til the last minutes to decide and pissed everyone off lol

  24. So…you're basically dating a LOSER and you're excited at the possibility of him being indiscrete and telling all his friends all the details.

    You did to him something REALLY intimate and he went to tell it to a complete stranger not caring about your privacy or reputation at work. This is your future boyfie? Be prepare for your pics running in chats because boy like to talk.

    Get some self-respect and cut him out. He most surely react vicious about it.

  25. How shady does this actually seem? Could I possibly be misinterpreting a text like that? 2. Should I reach out to this woman and let her know what he said about her?

    Not very. It happens fairly often, you remember an ex's birthday and wish them a happy one.

    Jesus, no.

  26. I'd take today's mortgage rates of just over 7% instead of a variable-and-growing 11% any day — but then, I only took out $11,000 in student loans, and they were government loans at a low fixed interest rate and are on the verge of being paid off.

  27. you either break up with him, or have a conversation with him and what he will do to fix all this. Maybe therapy.

  28. I know she is in a relationship

    to which she responded that she is not available and is exploring with her boyfriend

    The rest does not matter. She is in a relationship and unavailable. Except the hand touching it just sounds like normal interactions

  29. Agreed. It's possible, though, since they're married, that they have an understanding about it. My comments were seeking some clarity on that point.

  30. Wow OP you have sent so many mixed messages 1. I do trust him 2. I don’t trust her 3. I’m not worried about anything actually happening 4. But it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt if something does happen 5. I’m not worried about him cheating 6. Whether he puts a stop to it or not It’s not nice to hear about about her trying to have sex with my boyfriend.

    First you clearly don’t trust him “it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt if something happens”

    Second your boyfriend should be 100% capable of shutting this girl down so hot that she can neither talk to him or talk about you

    Third if you felt secure in your relationship you would give zero f**ks about what she says about you. It’s not like anything she says is going to change his opinion of you. If he really loves you his feelings aren’t flexible or fragile.

    I would pull your self-confidence together and let him go. If you’re together, long-term, this will not be the only test for loyalty, he faces.

    Also ultimatums are terrible for relationships, and they never work long-term.

  31. He didn't find texts on her phone. He found texts on a random phone in his house and assumed his wife was having an affair and using elaborate methods like buying a second phone…and leaving it in plain sight. That would not be the first thing that crossed my mind.

  32. Counselling is a worthwhile plan. Even if it leads to divorce you can do so knowing you tried everything and have a healthier outlook on relationships for your future. It’s not good she is blaming you for everything but I’m willing to bet she knows otherwise just isn’t willing to face her side of this. Hopefully counselling will help. She has to participate however don’t expect magic in a session or two. It can take time to get comfortable and allow her to open up but do be honest about your doubt and her ability / desire to put in the effort. That way she has a choice to call it off / divorce or prove you wrong – then who knows…

  33. He's an idiot.

    In most states, married couples have additional rights to de facto couples. Things like the right to adopt children, share health insurance, visitation in hospital care, etc. Look into these for your state, see if they're things that concern you.

    A marriage isn't a contract between two people and the government, it's a contract between two people, that you make publicly known.

    If he's worried about the courts being unfair about what you'd receive if you separate, the solution is a pre-nuptial agreement.

    Don't let his ignorant paranoia get in the way of your security and best interests.

  34. Tinder does continually spam you to try to get you to interact on their app, trying to get you to pay for it. However…

    His reaction is a huge red flag. You might want to reconsider renting together.

  35. Argh Liar McLiarFace. If it was me, and I had the money, I'd hire a PI to find out exactly what was going on, while keeping pretence that you still trusted him. Then tell him I had a present for him, wrap all the evidence up in a box with a bow. But the real revenge would be that in the box there was a device that spat out glitter at him and he'd be doubly fucked! Then kick him to the curb obviously

  36. Next time he runs off to his momma, change the locks. Pack his stuff up and have it dropped it off at his mom's.

    In the mean time, you need to contact an attorney to work out child custody terms. End the relationship. When he runs to momma, see paragraph one.

  37. The hot reality is that sometimes things just don’t work out, especially when you’re so young. You shouldn’t stay in a relationship if you’re not feeling it anymore, and it is possible to love someone but still know that you’re not good being together. Life isn’t so black and white, and you should respect her decision and begin to move on.

  38. Is there an art museum in your area that you could take her to? Maybe make a day of art, like the museum, her favorite restaurant for a late lunch, then (I'm bit sure what her medium is. Painting, sculpture, writing, music…) have her over to do art together. If it's not your thing, make an effort to learn about her interests.

    In the future, do what you say you'll do. Can't change what has happened, but you can build her trust and confidence in you by being reliable. Add stuff like her shows to your calendar with a reminder for the day before.

    Personally, I think she's overreacting in the moment and will calm down some so she'll be more open to communication. She is not wrong to be kinda pissed, but to say she can no longer trust you after one incident is kinda extra, but just be sincere in your apologies and attempts to mend things and it should be okay in time

  39. I second others’ opinions here when they say he let you down easy. I think would’ve saved myself at least some heartache if i’d gotten this advice before, mixed signals means not interested, people go for what they want, more so if they know the other person reciprocates, they make it happen. If your friendship with this guy depends on you two living together then it’s not a real friendship or it would benefit greatly from having distance. The time for him to reevaluate has come and he doesn’t seem too keen, move and refocus.

  40. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    UPDATE: I have figured it out! First, if she asks again, I will say that I was at Yankee Candle (she loves that place) getting her a welcome home gift. Second, I ridiculously overthought this whole thing. My girlfriend and I have been on FaceTime for the past hour just hanging out and talking. She is extremely confident and we have a very communicative relationship. If this was bothering her, she would have asked again by now. Thank you to everybody who gave nice and positive feedback. I am so excited to give my girlfriend the memorable and surprising proposal that she has always wanted!!!

    Original Post:

    Today, I asked my girlfriend’s parents for their blessing to propose to her. They said yes. The issue is that my girlfriend is out of town all week and we’ve been calling at around 7pm to catch up on the day. She called and I let it go to voicemail, as I was out with her parents and did not want to give it away. She called again, no answer. Worried, she checked my snap maps. I had turned them off (which I never do) so that she wouldn’t see me at a fancy restaurant and get a hint of what I was doing. After dinner, I called her back.

    “Not to be stalker-y, but why do you have your snap maps off?”

    I don’t want to tell her to spoil the surprise. Admittedly, this looks kind of sketchy. I’ve never done anything to make her think I’m unfaithful. But… the mind can be cruel sometimes. What’s a reasonable reason that I could say as to why I turned it off? It’s not a “lie”. More of a “ha gotcha” for the day I propose. I’ll come clean then.

    Please help!!!

  41. Stop being so available? Right now, you're the safe and easy option, not the fun and exciting one. Maybe not always answer her texts or calls when she's there. She probably knows you're like a puppy dog waiting for her to call and generally that's not really that attractive.

  42. I know this is old but when he says he's coming over tell him to meet you at your nearest police department. Give him the address of the location. Tell him you prefer to met in a public setting. Don't tell him it's the cop shop.

  43. Talk to her about it sober. Don’t have sex with her when either of you are drunk. If she’s just using you for a drunken booty call, have some self respect and find a girl who actually wants you sober. Also, get better at sex.

  44. Unless your state requires a separation before divorce, they are the surest way to doom a marriage. So you should save yourself the inevitable heartache and file now. Or you can be the doormat if a man that sits around hoping she stays faithful and will come back. But that never happens. Good luck

  45. OK. You need to find your center. You need to breathe into your belly and get away from this drama. It's ridiculous and has nothing to do with who you are. Is there a place you can go or a person you can go to who loves you absolutely unconditionally? Is there somewhere or something comfortable you can find? You need to get away for a day or two. Because cutting sucks and you know not to hurt yourself. This woman is a troublemaker and his friends sound like jerks and I have no idea if he's cheating on you. That's the gods honest truth. He might be. But it doesn't matter. Your relationship with yourself has to be strong for any of it to matter. Work on that for now. Everything else will become clear. Take good care.

  46. you deserve a better therapist. At no point in this story does it sound like either the father or step thing respected any boundaries. To me it doesn't look like they want to restore relationships since at no point has either of them done anything positive.

    There's no reason to let those 2 things into your life.

  47. “if your partner wants to berate you constantly for doing absolutely nothing wrong you should just take the abuse otherwise it's your fault”. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that if a boyfriend was constantly criticizing his girlfriend for tiny things that don't matter you would have a significantly different take.

  48. Hi! Im happy to clarify!

    We plan activities on weekends. Like “oh let's get dinner here!” Or “oh let's do an escape room” or stuff like that. But then, he's like “let's invite xyz” and I dont want that all of the time. His work schedule varies so we can never plan much Mon-Fri in terms of actually doing something. But we like to have wine on Friday nights whenever he does get home.

    Even then though, he's tired or work keeps bugging him so its like we don't really do much Friday nights.

    And yeah, I'll tell him “oh can it just be us” and it will be for a weekend (aside from phone) and then the next couple of weekends its not because “he doesn't see his friends often so he wants us all to hang”. But its like we have alone time just as infrequently. Sundays we mostly spend getting ready for the week.

    Its not even necessarily doing all of these activities together. The fact that it always seems about maximizing his fun times with others makes me feel like I'm not really his “fun time”. Yeah, I like getting food made for me sometimes, but not if its “heres your food babe” and then watches something while on his phone for the rest of the night. He'll put his arm around me and smile and then just nothing. He thinks thats showing affection but, for me, it feels like I'm his convenient cuddle buddy when its not accompanied by talking or doing something we both want to do. Hes usually too tired on weekdays to do anything else he says (unless it involves getting drinks with others).

    Sometimes, I feel like I'm just there. Im not unappreciated or acknowledged. Im just not being appreciated or acknowledged the way I need to to feel fulfilled. Things don't have to be everyday, but they have to be sometimes.

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