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  1. It sounds to me like both of you made an irresponsible decision and will have your own consequences with which to deal. Was your BF charged with a DUI or any other charges? If so, are you going to split his charges?

  2. Is your boyfriend neurodivergent? My family has a lot of neurodivergency and we all tend to get very “hangry” – including being mean – and it's less to do with immaturity than it is to do with how overwhelming it feels.

    To me, this date feels overwhelming for many reasons: he's already hungry, and (no fault of anyone really) the restaurant you get to is closed which disrupts what your bf is expecting to happen. Then, you decide to go to a second restaurant. You start heading there, so your boyfriend is now expecting this restaurant. However, you decide for some reason to turn around to another restaurant, which I personally would find profoundly frustrating. He may also perceive that as very frustrating. Finally, you get to the restaurant, you don't even take the opportunity to order an app or something for the table before peeing (like did you ask him if he needed you to lead him??) – and then on top of that you forget his dietary restrictions.

    Yeah, it's not great he was rude to you. But I also think from your boyfriends perspective, this was a profoundly frustrating experience.

  3. Don't tell me she's trying to two timing you She seems kinda manipulating She wants her ex aswell as you “Equally” Even tho she says she's trying to avoid him If you argue or fight with her She'll be prolly hugging him(her ex) the next second

  4. I get that most of Reddit lives in a bubble and are extremely biased in their worldviews, neuroses etc thinking the rest of the world is like it is on here when it’s not, but since when is having contrary opinions considered a troll? What exactly is a troll about what I said? I literally just spit facts about finances, quality of life for them and that friends aren’t enough to keep you somewhere and that as people age they see their friends less bc life happens sweetie. Where’s the lie? I’m not bored enough with my life to even look at your profile bc I can tell from your comment there’s not much going on there. And you’re literally on relationship advice too, so how pleasant are you lol.

  5. As a single woman who dates….there are a lot of guys out there who think they are Dom's but in reality they don't understand the boundaries and communication required.

    They think it's just about being rough and borderline abusive

    It reads like your boyfriend took things too far and/or has anger issues he decided to take out on you. If he has displayed other issues such as hitting walls, breaking things, grabbing you, I think you need to consider leaving.

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  7. A bsdm relationship doesn't give you an emotional punching bag to take your frustrations with your mum out on. If anything, it requires MORE control and emotional maturity. Doms are accutely aware of their subs emotional states and needs. You were just being nasty and abusive, it had nothing to do with the sexual nature of your relationship.

  8. What did he expect? Now it's like, what else didn't he share with you after he he said you knew everything about him? How can you be intimate with this hanging over the relationship?

  9. Yeah, he's up to something and gaslighting you, using pressure and aggression to overwhelm you and make you feel crazy for valid questions and curiosity. I think you should tell him how uncomfortable that made you.

  10. I agree. As long as they support basic human rights then that's pretty much all good. I'd never date or marry someone prolife, trans or homophobic, and / or racist.

  11. He was looking for a young naive woman to raise his 3 children at home and got it, Actually I feel sorry for the wife. 6 kids in the house.. wow, she never really had a life of her own

  12. You’re “worried”? You are waaaaay underreacting, sister. Your alcoholic boyfriend is committing suicide and not even slowly. Do you want to waste more of your best years taking care of him?

    There is absolutely nothing you can do to make him change. The only thing you can change is whether or not you want to stick around waiting for the inevitable. Go to Al Anon and therapy if you can’t make up your mind.

  13. He told me that he’s sorry, but that he would do it again if I do something that could harm me or my health again.

    So he is the ultimate decider of your fate. Every single thing you do goes through him first and he decides if he approves or not. If he doesn't approve, he will detain you against your will – make you a literal prisoner of his – until you are doing what he wants again.

    You want to see it as 'I was sick and he was right' when you should be seeing it as 'He is in charge of me and if I resist, he will imprison me and he sees absolutely nothing wrong with that'.

  14. Don’t do it. Don’t force yourself to be with someone you aren’t sexually compatible with. Sex should be enjoyable for both people, not just one.

  15. It is absolutely your boyfriend's duty and responsibility to speak up to his sister and defend you. One of the roles we play in relationships is as a buffer between our partner and our family. Also, It would certainly be interesting to know why she has these perceptions of you, so I'd encourage your boyfriend to engage in an actual rational conversation about this issue with his sister, learn what her concerns are and why they exist, and to allay any fears and defend you as much as possible.

  16. Honey, no. He can't be better. He shows you a little bit of better behavior for a very short amount of time and you just ignore all the long increments of time that he has done horrible things. The fact that he can and does do this shows that while you may believe he can stay better, he doesn't care to. All because you put up with the bad.

  17. You dine out almsot everyday and then on weekends? Holy shit. Well just have a conversation with your gf, she clearly is taking things for granted

  18. Tell him i doctor test cane back negative.

    Mean while get the yearly birth control shot.

    And sit him down. He needs a job to handle a with his folks gives them control over your life.

    What you can and can not do..what you shows ect.

    Stay in your apartment …he needs to do a little growing up.

    Unless he has been around new borns .. teething babys colic babys he has no clue what he is in for and it falls onto you.

    Update us on how it goes!!

  19. He loves the dog more than you.

    I am an animal lover, two cats and two dogs. I would report this dog because of the fact that it has bitten two different people (you twice) and I couldn't on-line with myself if one of my dogs bit a kid or anyone for that matter.

  20. putting a bandaid on a gushing wound

    oof, this is exactly what the situation feels like right now.. perfect description of my anxiety about this.

  21. She’s an alpha widow. She will never love you like she did the previous guy, move on and cut your losses.

  22. Maybe you don't have to think about what to tell her, you can read her what I wrote here.

    Building a career after college can be a gamble. You can follow all the rules, work really naked, get the best grades possible, plan everything out, and it still might not work out. Like Captain Picard says: “It is possible to make no mistakes and still loose.”

    I applied to PHD programs after graduating from my undergrad. I was rejected by probably a dozen schools after spending over a thousand dollars on application fees. It really messed me up because I absolutely had been planning on going to grad school and paying my way with a grad-assistance job. I really struggled to find a job in my field that I could do with only a bachelor's, and the pickings were slim. I thought I had chosen a degree that would be practical and have good job prospects, but I was completely wrong. When I did get jobs in my field, I realized I was actually really bad at that type of work. I was fired and forced to quit multiple times. I scrub toilets now.

    But that was probably about 8 years ago now. Finally I applied for school again, this time for my masters, in a field I didn't ever originally intend on entering, and now I'm getting my degree in biostatistics. I really needed time in the job market to figure out what I was passionate about and what I wanted to do.

    I'm only a few years older than you, OP's girlfriend, and so I probably don't have some kind of infinite wisdom, but I just want you to know that I absolutely understand your struggle. You have a lot of advantages over what I have since your degree is in something more practical / marketable, and you have actual job experience in your field. You have lots of good prospects ahead of you, but you may have to accept those prospects aren't in the places you wanted them to be. I hope things work out for you.

  23. Not only he has it but he is also sharing it without her permission. Pretty messed up to both his ex and current partner.

  24. They have been together for less than a year. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m not deleting any explicit pics/videos of my exes until I’m engaged. What’s the big deal? I wouldn’t care if my partner did the same

  25. I have a niece who was an overachiever like you. She graduated High school at 16, engineering school at 20 and immediately went to work. At 21 she lost her job, got a DUI and took a year and a half working as a photographer at Sea World for $10.00/Hr . Eventually she went back to work in engineering and has done well ever since (last 5 years). But she did crash and crash naked, you don't want to do that.

    Your mom's reason is probably the statistical if you take a break, you are less likely to finish. That's a true statistic. If you have a mental breakdown you won't finish either.

    Set a break period up with mom with a commitment to restart and finish. Your Thesis will be much better is you are doing it because its something your can sink your teeth into rather than anything to be done.

  26. Seriously? So he’s definitely causing them lol and he’s blaming you? He needs to wash his ass, not be one.

  27. Ask yourself why you believe internet strangers over your wife and why, if you didn't understand your wife's condition or even thought ahe was exaggerating, you didn't look up her condition on the web.

    It would have taken you less than 5 minutes to educate yourself, but instead you just continued to ignore your wife's medical condition for YEARS, eventhough her mother had thyroid cancer? Weren't you even remotely interested if you wife's condition and cancer were linked or if that type oc cancer os hereditary?

    Do you think if you were diagnosed w/ a condition she knew nothing about she would treat your condition w/ the same callousness?

    Relatedly: If you want your wife to get more activity thwn YOU have to step up and care for the kids and do more housework so she can do that. Something tells me you aren't interested in making that sacrifice for her.

  28. He was never this bad this would happen every other week and I'd understand his need for complete isolation Now it's just constant and there is no end

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