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  1. Both guys are creeps. One is 35 and the other one is 44. They only need from thing from you. They have no interest in any potential relationship of any kind. Rn you shouldn't be with anyone. You need to see a therapist. These guys are potentially old enough to be your father. They only date a very young woman because they can easily manipulate them. You are not mature for your age. If they've said that you to you that's what groomers say to their potential victims. End the relationship and get in therapy.

  2. let them know I love them and wish them all the best, and hope someday after the dust has settled that we can be friends?


    brother in law sent a text in a group chat with me, him, and 2 other friends asking if we wanted to go play golf on Saturday. The emotions were still very raw so I told them I would take a raincheck.

    In a month or 2, reach out to see if he wants to play golf. The conversation should not be about your breakup. Let him know that you don't want to talk about it.

  3. I wouldn't say you were immature…I would go with naive. so if your friend had their reasoning turned around on them, from a person who lies and beats them. Would you bother to point out that is part of the pattern of abuse and finally tell them to leave? or would you rather tell them to get the platinum humiliation treatment “piss on me then tell me its raining” special.

    some people really like all the different nuances of abuse. Others not so much…you sure you aren't a fan?

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