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  1. Narcissists often raise narcissists.

    My grandma was a narc. So are 2 of her 4 children.

    So Karen is probably a narc just like her mother. And she has all these people around her. Tolerating her. Making excuses for her.

    Look up the term “flying monkeys”.

    Narcissist usually have a group of people who excuse all their shitty behavior and even go so far as to defend them against criticism.

    These are flying monkeys.

    You're a flying monkey, OP.

  2. As a 37 year old man I got offered the job of a lifetime in France (from UK originally) at 19 years old, and my girlfriend of the time said “If you go, it's over”. Fast forward, I'm married with a kid and never regretted the decision to go to France for a second.

  3. Please read, “Why does he do that: inside the minds of controlling and abusive men”.

    He likes making you uneasy, insecure. It makes him feel like he’s controlling you, because he is. While you are consumed with trying to second guess your behavior, he gets all your attention and can think of what he wants to get out of you when you try to cajole him out of his “bad mood”. He also gets to charm others, while you are getting over his whiplash mood changes.

    He is setting you up to look like the crazy one, while he makes you crazy. He is not crazy. He’s manipulative. He doesn’t care if he hurts your feelings if it means he gets what he wants.

    Have I spelled it out clearly enough? ….. he’s abusive. Just because he hasn’t hit or disparaged you yet, doesn’t mean this isn’t abusive behavior.

    Once he controls you into never speaking, then in no particular order it will be always cooking his favorite meals and what you wear. Then cleaning incessantly, then performing sexually, then the faces that you make, then the thoughts he thinks you might be having. It won’t matter if you achieve perfection in any particular area, then your perfection becomes the new daily expectation.

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