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  1. You sound clingy to the point of desperation. And highly damaged.

    It’s literally a massive secular and religious holiday, and I am assuming your BF celebrates it. A little asynchronous communication is to be expected. As are 24-48 hour delays in communication.

    Regards the pet names, if they bother you, when you meet in person bring it up, “It bugs me when you call me ‘sis’ and ‘friend’ because we are dating and these imply a non-dating relationship. Can you not use the following pet names for me anymore – ‘sis’, ‘pal’, ‘cuz’, ‘cousin’, ‘bro’, or ‘friend’? I would prefer you called me ”

  2. Screenshot his texts and send them to his wife. Then she can decide if they are fine. Then block him and find someone who you deserve.

  3. I agree with everything you say but let’s not infantilize 26 year old adults. If your only goal at 26 is to be having “fun” that’s ridiculous and not plausible. She should leave that dude definitely find someone younger and more compatible. But if having fun is your #1 priority at 26 that’s immature. if that was her goal I’d doubt she’d be playing a stepmother role.

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