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Date: September 27, 2022

3 thoughts on “Lisa-Tease online webcams for YOU!

  1. “Gf let someone dm her inappropriately on instagram”

    How does she control what someone else does on social media? Lol yeah she can block the person but has no control over what they do. Maybe a new title…my gf gives this guy to dm her inappropriately.

    You immediately block the chick that was flirty with you, yet your gf doesn’t. I would question that, different level of loyalty and respect clearly.

  2. Knowing anything is not good for your girlfriend.

    If you go…. don't tell her.

    If you go: 2 choices:

    ignore the ah

    or blow his head off for finantially faking future and ruining his ex finantiall. And ask the new girl if she was aware that the bloke she is with has cheated on her predecessor for years and has made her go into debt. (New girl should know what her new bf is about).

    (Which might not be a good idea with men under arms. )

    be ready to go minus your own boyfriend then. Because asking you to make no skandal is equivalent to hushing up that nastynesses betrayal, future faking and ruining your girlfriends future.

    On the other hand this leads to reflecting your own boyfriends attitude.

    As him shushing you could be read as him totally being ok with what that guy did.

    Which further leads to questions wether he thinks it would be okish to go cheap on you.

    Also: WHY will he go to that thing anyhows knowing it puts you into a loyalty conflict?

    All in all: safest option is either to stay home.

    Or to grab bf and go elsewhere.

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