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  1. So, this straight guy's wife's friend buys her a brand new car.

    I can't believe you're so obtuse you can't understand his feelings.

  2. You've been very clear, kind, patient, and communicative. He knows he's making you uncomfortable and yet he either cannot or will not control himself enough to do better by you. It's creepy and not at all okay. You deserve better

  3. but she just screamed “do better..!” at me

    Yeah. Do better! Please go find someone else. That someone else is likely going to be better.

  4. ehhh i've had instances when a girl couldn't make something. It goes one of two ways either she says she can't do that day and offers up a different day, or she says I can't do that day and offers nothing. Now ideally you want a girl in the former group if that happens, if shes in the latter group you can be like your friends and be persistent. But in my experience id say 4/5 times I've done that if the girl flaked initially she will probably flake again. The 1/5 times the girl does actually respond well to my persistence it sometimes goes ok but normally there isn't much mutual interest and it doesnt last. Think about it, any person guy or girl who is interested in you will definitely reschedule without much effort from the other person. Why wouldn't they? They should be eager to see you if youre asking them out and they are into you.

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