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27 thoughts on “Lonerydarklive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Maybe. Its impossible for us to know his intentions but the fact is that he is crossing a bridge that has no business being crossed at such an early stage is certainly a warning sign. It comes across as a bribe so you would consider dating him over someone else who might be better suited to you on an emotional level.

  2. “I didn't mind when I was very sick because I couldn't meet up with anyone anyway but now that I'm better his texts are less frequent.” Does he know this? he might be distancing for your sake. Either way, it was only 1 hang out, life happens mate it's normal to cancel stuff sometimes.

  3. Is he moving forward in his career or education?

    This man sounds like a perpetual adolescent. This isn't uncommon these days but you would be wise to decide early on what you want out of life.

    It's a good thing you haven't married or had children with the guy yet.

    Do yourself a favor. Take a moment and look at this situation from the outside. Imagine ten years down the line..just use the basic pattern recognition that comes pre installed in your brain. Is the image in your mind something you're interested in?

    Video games can become an addiction. If his dopamine receptors aren't stimulated by you walking around looking sexy, it's because he's de prioritized that portion of his life.

    I'd bet he's masturbating to porn. Which isn't a bad thing per say but it's another form of self soothing dopamine release on command. Craving a dopamine release is one of the strongest incentives for your libido.

    If he has no libido, it's because he's getting that release elsewhere. In this case…it's the video games.

  4. Firstly, he would have absolutely no right to be “fuming mad”. That implies that the blame is on you when he was an actively willing participant.

    If he wants to but his bare penis anywhere near a bare vagina, he has to wear a condom.

    I wouldn't tell him now, especially if he's not mature enough to handle it rationally. Speak to your GP or family planning centre.

  5. I'm guessing you're around a size 4? Does your BF want you to look skinny and unhealthy? 124 is a very healthy weight.

  6. Reminds me of that guy on TikTok who does the “insecure boyfriend” POV videos… they make my whole body cringe

  7. Stop trying to be reasonable and teach him the error of his ways, the guy is a dick and doesn't need to change while everyone keeps appealing to a better nature he doesn't have. Pick a side, your sister, and be the person SHE needs rather than the person their marriage needs.

  8. Did you mean to write all this down and then throw it in the garbage where it belongs? Because you seem to have accidentally posted this to the internet! How embarrassing for you!

  9. You can’t force him. If he wants to make these changes he can, but you’re going about this horribly and it sounds like you’re trying to change him.

  10. Thank you so much stranger 🙂 I will post an update tomorrow when I get round to it, I just work very irregular shifts (perks of working within the police.) I am going to speak to him because honestly I would be a fool to even bother further. I refuse to believe he cannot find a job and it is “this nude.” He consistently sh*ts on me and say “you've had life so easy you actually have qualifications to go somewhere.” I worked hard…

  11. During a time when neither of you is triggered can you ask her what she's thinking about when she's silent? Like is she processing it or is she punishing you or is she avoiding big feelings?

  12. I don't really think living together or not would change anything

    because having more opportunities to do X never increases the chance of doing X, amirite?

  13. I suppose it depends on why you both just wanted to be FWB to begin. Both out of a long relationship recently etc and not looking to jump into another one then maybe enough time has passed for you both to be ready for something more.

    Have you been exclusive FWB during this time or are you both one of a few/ many for each other? The latter might be more of a difficult transition as it would mean stepping away from other people.

    It’s certainly possible that you can transition your arrangement into a more serious relationship if you are both wanting more commitment.

  14. Yeah, this weekend was hell, but telling her to go home so she can rest and get rid of the sickness and I can do my own thing, she would say stuff like “you can do your own thing right now too!” and “so you're sending me away because I'm a bit sick?” etc, so I end up feeling so bad when she's gone that it would've been better if she stayed. Like, yes, it was hell, but if she'd have gone home it would've been even more hell. Am I dealing with a covert narcissist?

  15. She was insistent on you getting tested for STIs, did you never think you have her get tested too?

    Either way, she’s beyond an asshole here. She knowingly had unprotected sex with you while having an STI and did not disclose beforehand.

  16. Per the sidebar: All submissions must request advice on a specific situation between two or more people.

  17. Some people when they realize they can have the stuff they always wanted will tend to go overboard, I'd have a frank discussion about retirement and talk to a financial planner, and build a budget, obviously doing all of what you mentioned in a short period of time will wipe our your savings and you don't want that. See how she reacts and hopefully it's just a shocked reaction. Otherwise you know her better then anyone if this is the real her then you got some thinking to do.

  18. This is a good way to look at it! I hadn’t thought of that before. I know it’s disgusting and disrespectful towards the women he was taking pictures of. It’s so nude to let go, I don’t have many friends and the thought of being alone is daunting.

  19. Why would you want to be with someone who keeps trying to basically “catch you” being racist and makes everything about race? Making a historically accurate movie shouldn't have added token POC characters. Just like a movie about the building of the Great Wall of China shouldn't have a token white character.

  20. “When you said you were going to disappoint me. And then go emotional and left the room. Why did you say that? Did you do something?”

  21. Sis I am 34 and also had a name calling 29 year old living with me. Never again. It’s nude but get him gone

  22. At first I’m like, maybe she wants just quality time with her friends, maybe not ready to take that next step and merge her two world’s so de it’s her first relationship.

    Then I realize as Im reading this two things stood out.

    1) You accidentally showed up to the same bar and didn’t realize she was there. Small town, it happens. Nothing you can do. But you also stayed there instead of moving the hangout to another bar once you realized she was there.

    2) Neither of you approached one another. You both MIRRORED the same energy of walking on eggshells pretending you two do not exist in the same damn bar! You both acted like two teenagers afraid to go say hello in the lunch room and afraid of everyone’s opinion if you two talking to one another.

    So as someone whose 36… let me share some advice…

    When someone wants to bring you into their world when you are dating?

    YOU NEVER HAVE CHASE/ASK FOR THIS! The person will gladly introduce you, they’ll move at an organic pace, they’ll MAKE THE EFFORT!

    Cause my money says if this is happening?

    She didn’t tell her friend group about you and was on purpose, since she’s starting med school, probably was going to breakup with you before she started her fall semester.

    I guarantee she had zero plans to get serious with you.

    Hence why she wasn’t looking to introduce you.

  23. I didn't see this toxicity coming.

    S literally said the exact same thing as your Psycho ex had said about not talking about your past. He gave you the exact same sign but you chose to put it aside in order to seem “understanding”. That was your cue to nope out of there.

    Do all men do this?

    You're in your 40's. You know this isn't a gender thing. This is an abuse thing. There are tons of abusive women out there who demand that their partners have no friends, don't go anywhere without them etc etc.

    Is this the role of a woman in a relationship – to pretend she didn't exist outside of a man but the same thing doesn't apply to him (which isn't right on either end)?

    Again, you're in your 40's. You know that this isn't about gender.

    If you haven't already, get some therapy first before trying to date again.

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