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  1. OP, you are 21 now. The same age he was when he met you and “liked” you

    I want you to look up pictures of 13 year old boys and tell me if you would want to be in a relationship with one

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  3. Why would you get opinions from Black people regarding an “Asian” character? Sounds kinda racist to disregard OP's girlfriend who is Asian and wants to cosplay as a dark skinned Asian.

  4. Yeah but that’s just shitty people in your life. We all have them, and shitty people aren’t concentrated to a specific gender.

    The issue is that in this sub, posters are looking for unbiased feedback, when in reality, in a lot of cases, the feedback they get is incredibly biased.

  5. What a gross and childish thing to say. Tell him to fuck off. As if your value is only measured by how tight your vagina is. Dump him immediately.

  6. I discovered that he was trash talking behind my back in a group chat in which my husband is on.

    You sure you don’t have a problem with your husband, too? He didn’t say anything about Joe trash talking you, and he’s defending this guy. Why was your husband so chill about Joe asking you for nudes? There’s something going on with your husband too.

    As for Joe, gray rock him. If he sends a text, ignore it, or give neutral answers. “That’s nice.” And don’t engage him if he’s ever around. Stop asking him for an apology sincd he’ll never give one.

    Your husband should have been defending your choice to cut him off, especially given the way that Joe has treated you. That he hasn’t is extremely worrying.

  7. Yeah, I'm siding with your friends on this one. Jealous, controlling, and emotionally abusive. Even if he doesn't do these things now, he has it in him to do it. That's why your friends try to remind you of those times, he is not a different person all of a sudden, he is just not doing it any more. But what is stopping him from starting again? Maybe not today, or next week, but years from now when you are even less likely to leave him because of how much time you spent with him already?

    At the end of the day, you have to decide what behavior is a dealbreaker for you and what you can look past, but emotional abuse is not something you should tolerate, ever.

  8. Homedog, when you see a glaring red flag, take it for what it is. I’m personally not down to crawl on my knees begging every time I fail a theoretical scenario.

  9. What you mean sex isn’t what you’re looking for? You said you want to sleep with other people. Unless you mean napping beside someone that isn’t your boyfriend then sec is what you’re looking for.

    You’re a walking oxymoron

  10. What's the history of their friendship? Is this a girl he just met? Someone he's known from before?

    And can you elaborate on this?

    My bf kept going to one of his friends pointing out a girl looked uncomfortable dancing with his other best friend.

    Just trying to picture that scene.

    Did she seem visibly uncomfortable, like she didn't want to dance with him and the dude maybe forced his way into a dance with her?

  11. Well she gave me the candy plus she tried talking to me a few times so that’s why I thought she liked me. I just said texted her hey a few times and then asked her if she wanted to go look at Christmas lights then she blocked my number

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