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Date: October 1, 2022

32 thoughts on “MadisonAwesome online sex cams for YOU!

  1. I think it's worth considering whether they're actually actively doing this or whether it's just that they've neglected to change their address with certain companies. Are you receiving things like parcels or just generic letters?

  2. Does his friend have family? Just your presence at his bedside will lift his spirits. I can’t imagine being 18 and sick with little hope for getting better. It’s very sad. And you are very observant and smart to see the connection between your BF’s actions and how it reflects on his personality. It spill over into other parts of his life for sure.

  3. My friend married an Indian man (she is Australian) they got married in Australia and then had a big Sikh wedding in India, but I am aware this is not always the case and as stated above it is quite common for him to go home and have an arranged marriage

  4. I am in my 40’s and think this is extremely common. Almost every man I’ve ever been in a relationship with was like this.

  5. I'm not talking serious stuff like how one person might pick their nose and wipe boogers on the walls annoying, I'm talking small stuff like not putting the knife in the dishwasher after being done eating a sandwich, even though, they are done and everything else is cleaned up.

    If that doesn't make sense I get it.

  6. Having a list in itself is not really an issue. Honestly a lot of people have lists of people they dated, kissed, hooked up with, etc. However showing your partner is weird and the fact that he gloats about how he used to take girl's virginities is disgusting. I don't know how he otherwise acts, but I get a feeling this cannot be the only instance where he shows that he sees women as some sort of accomplishment and that their bodycount is somehow relevant. I'm sorry you find this out so far into the relationship, definitely makes it harder, but i would suggest taking a look back at your entire relationships and possible other red flags that weren't as obvious as this one and that you might have brushed aside at the time.

  7. Man I wish my SO would do my laundry and I’d do theirs but figuring out what gets hang dried and what gets dried in the dryer for both of us is just way too damn confusing.

  8. Given the circumstances of your imprisonment I think this would be ok.

    Has your sister kept in touch with her?

  9. It’s amazing how they can treat you like they’re so in love and you’re the only one and they’d NEVER hurt you again and be lying like it’s nothing. I’ve never understood it and if we break up this is the last time so I’m seeing if he really is innocent or if I have to just open my eyes…

  10. Divorce her. Get alimony and split custody. Sell the house and property and invest i something smaller. It sucks life threw you this curveball. I married into a dead bedroom and am starting over too. Sometimes you just do what you have to do.

  11. Perhaps your doctor should tell you to stop having sex with someone with such impaired hygiene. Don't date people who need coaching for basic cleanliness.

  12. This all sounds like trying to be in a relationship rather than an FWB situation.

    Nope, that's sweet talking him into bed

  13. Being that you don't online together I think it's a bit much that she expects it.

    If it's a random occasion to help her out I think it's OK but not regularly.

    I do think you have to think about where the relationship is going, because if you do move in together you'll need to set clear boundaries about finances.

  14. They might be working, but he stops taking them when he's on holiday. He is not going to therapy. I have asked him to go to therapy and he says he will book this week, but he has a habit of saying things and not following through. But would really like him to go to therapy if there's any chance of saving our relationship

  15. While I understand your hurt and betrayal it seems your reaction is probably why they wanted to break it to you gently vs the way you found out. My mom died and my dad remarried within 2years and while I felt shocked it was also a relief because life was too short to not move on and the thought of him being alone and sad definitely would’ve been worse than any thoughts of betrayal

  16. By him the book the 48 laws of power by Robert Greene. Don’t let your sister see or know about. He needs to see there are people on this world who are evil and manipulative and learn to recognize it.

  17. Where did I say anything in that comment to defend him?

    What I did say is that she was shitty too.

    In the real world, sometimes both people in an interaction are behaving like assholes.

    His behavior was completely unjustified.

    But she deliberately demeaned him, and it's baffling to me that people can read what she, herself, wrote and not see that she deliberately asked him a loaded question and then demeaned him for his response.

    They both sound like childish jerks.

  18. Unless you are pretty much completely lying about your joke, this guy is an irrational asshole. And telling your kids that you’re being stupid?

    Get counseling for yourself. Ditching you with 3 kids and then constantly texting you and doubting your apology? That’s not cool. Of course you are confused and exhausted.

  19. Also I bet your conversations with Wanda were like babe you don’t have to worry about Linda she’s just a friend. While you knew all long! You suck and I hope she gets half of the house.

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