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  1. Because it's starting to sound like their father left his sister to fend for herself. It isn't fair for her to stay in this situation, but it's also a messed up situation all around. Assuming their father is unwilling to support his daughter and if OP's fiancée isn't willing to wait the months to potential years it might take for OP to get his sister stable adequate care in an already strained mental health system then OP's only real option is that he has to choose who is more important.

    His future wife being a part of his life or his sister not living/dying on the streets with paranoia. It's a sucky situation, she didn't always have this so OP couldn't have planned for it.

  2. Why do you think this is a good thing?

    Why is them having sex and dating more important that their long term relationships with their kids?

    Most relationships don’t last. If one of the parents were here complaining that they dated their in law and now they didn’t want to attend events because it caused tension, the first question anyone would ask is: why did you date someone in your kid’s extended family?

    I think it’s wild that people think this is great when it’s objectively going to cause problems for them when the relationship fails down the line.

    Either relationship. Child or parents.

  3. Definitely good advice, he knew my opinions on porn beforehand but I don't think I explained that I wouldn't want him to watch it.

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