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  1. It was sudden for you, since he had no prior discussion with you, but for him it wasn’t, and he seized an opportunity to end things.

    Tbh, from what I read, it seems like you may have a fear of abandonment or a fear of him cheating. There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who cheat and those who don’t, and nothing neither or anyone else could do will change one into the other.

    Going forward, understand that there isn’t any rational or helpful reason to use control on a partner because letting them do what they want to do will clearly reveal what that’d rather do.

    Good luck.

  2. Just drunk posting my feelings. Letting out the steam I have no one else to let it out to. Better to do it to randoms on the internet than anyone else!

    I’m not looking for closure. Just advice. I don’t need reassurance. I want answers and help.

    In the end I have no end goal for this post. Just an overflowing cup needing to spill. Years of built up problems and no person to actually speak to! (Besides therapy yes)

  3. It’s a very different experience for someone with sensory issues. It’s a trigger and can cause an overload, trauma breakdown.

  4. Listen, you can't spoil a baby of six months, because they are not cognizant enough to be manipulative and act out to get attention. At this stage, basic trust is built, which will determine the baby's mental health for its entire life. And the basic trust is built through the baby knowing it wasn't abandoned, and if it's crying, someone will come. The baby is really not screaming for attention or because it's spoiled, but out of distress – and letting him “scream it out” would just leave him terrified and alone and abandoned and destroy his basic trust, which is not something you can repair or rebuild, ever, you can only learn to deal with it through therapy.

    I suggest you read more books about child psychology and development, before you criticize your girlfriend for how she does things. There is a reason she reacts like she does to her baby's crying – there have actually been tests: play any other baby's crying to a mother, and she reacts normal, play her own baby's crying to her, and it will rouse her out of a deep sleep, and put her in real distress – so she is biologically programmed to react to her baby and take care of it.

  5. You need to tell him all that. If he bolts, then you have your answer. If he stays then all good right? Let him know that you lean demisexual and need the emotional connection to build the relationship and sexual need. Nothing you said is wrong. He just may be missing what you're feeling because he can't read your mind.

  6. Having roommates surely presents an impediment to your spontaneity. So if you haven't considered that the lack of privacy is putting a dent in her libido you should probably recognize that. You can be the “best boyfriend” in the world and be “mad into her body” but if other people can hear you having sex it's no wonder you're not having more of it. One can only be so spontaneous when they have to make sure the apartment is empty before they begin.

  7. If this is really the first time you talked about it then it sounds like a miscommunication between the two where he genuinely didn’t realize how bad you’re feeling. People say they’re feeling shitty all the time. That doesn’t equal major concern. I think you need to sit down and talk to him about what you actually mean and need from him. You both need to communicate more clearly here about what the situation is, what you both need, and what you are both capable of doing.

  8. My dreams are to speak Japanese and even on-line in the country itself.

    are those her dreams too? Maybe you need to have that conversation because you don't seem to have the same life plans. You may not be compatible

  9. I do lots of housework, she hasnt wash a dish in years. I clean weekly, i bring a lot to the table. We get along pretty well. It's not about that i want her to do something that i want to. It's about my mental health. Its killing me that i must stay there with 100+ people watching me. I cant and i dont want to! I bet i will faint for sure.

  10. This is it. I’ve had friends pull this kind of shit before and it’s an immediate boundary and block from me. Who in the world puts up with that?

  11. Nope.

    I can't see anybody cry.

    Man or woman, child or old person. Just can't and try to do whatever I can to help.

  12. If you avoid an argument, you will build a dynamic between the two of you where he doesn't respect your things or your feelings, and it's not going to stop at your games.

  13. Do nothing. He had a crush and fantasy, that's not uncommon. It's about as normal as having a celebrity crush and coming up with silly scenarios on how you'd meet them. He never actually set out to meet her and the crush will likely fade eventually.

  14. I find Reddit is lackadaisical with boundaries regarding in laws / coparenting and exes/ custody of pets/ and if people put their SO first before exes or parents wishes, there would be far less broken homes.

  15. You need distance. Go NC. You need to heal and get over him. Being friends is only going to end badly for you. For your instance….you two are friends, right? He starts seeing another girl or girls. How is that going to make you feel?

  16. What about the times there were no flags at all and he didn’t get caught? You’ll never know the truth now

  17. The business isn’t taxed twice. They’re simply withholding the employees taxes from their paycheck and sending it to the government for them.

  18. You should spend more time talking to human beings. You have not had sex, you have masturbated to a video game.

    Fiction will not harm you if you have regular contact with reality. Fiction can give you bad ideas if you try to on-line your whole life inside of it.

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