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  1. I wasn't clear – that's my fault… She can't even bring her belongings to put up and change towels.. so on – small things like this

  2. It cannot be a mistake if he chose to do it to be hurtful. He purposefully chose to say the cruelest thing he could to her in that moment.

    A mistake would be shouting, ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ without having meant to curse or yell, not impugning her character.

    Also, pro tip for OP: if your fiancée may not want to have children, comparing her to her bitch mom may actually be the absolute worst thing you can say in the conversation.

  3. Horrific news is a huge overreaction.

    That said, she should have disclosed to you and had a conversation. 1) to educate you because it’s clear you believe a lot of the myths about herpes. 2) because you both should have been tested and discussed stds before sex at all.

    What does concern me slightly is her blasé attitude about it and no apology. Although it’s possible her doctor told her to not disclose. I have herpes. I was “lucky” and got GHSV1 years ago. I only ever had one outbreak (my initial outbreak) and it’s pretty much been a non-factor in my life. My doctor told me not to disclose to partners, as I didn’t need to. I was shocked and asked him to repeat himself. Maybe that’s what happened to her?

    I still disclosed to every partner I had afterwards though. Since I wasn’t given the choice to decide to take the risk, I could never do that to someone else.

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