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  1. Nope. You are bending words to fit your narrative. You are on some kind of a crusade. What are you? A 30 year old dating a 20 year old?

    We say that at 20 you do not have much common ground with a 30 year old because of a lack of life experience. We also say that a 30 year old going after a 20 year old is odd, either ill intentioned or immature. Not very attractive traits in any case. Also, there is no mention of gender as it makes no difference.

  2. I would worry about the pressure he’s clearly going to put that (hypothetical) child under. My grandfather was a professor and my mom lived under a fuckin’ microscope re: her education and never felt good enough. Graduated with her BA summa cum laude at 19? Not good enough. She never did a Master’s (huge source of disappointment for her father). She recently confessed that though she loved her father, she was a bit relieved when he died because it meant she didn’t have someone questioning her every choice anymore.

    I’m in academia and I’ve learned from those family mistakes. The whole system’s a disaster and if they wanna skip it entirely, I’ll support them. (I really value higher ed, so I hope they don’t skip it, but I will not pull a grandpa and give them such high expectations they always feel like they’re reaching for my love and approval.)

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