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Model from: fr

Languages: fr

Birth Date: 1996-04-17

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorHazel

Subculture: subcultureGlamour

Date: September 4, 2022

One thought on “mina_sauvagelive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. Idk… seems like its not really a healthy relationship.

    You can’t just get hornier – especially when you want to it gets even harder. Its like when a guy asks you to cum now. Like wtf you want to happen- that pussy is a desert now. Same with girls – cum in me… like nope – now i’m thinking i want to cum and because of that it will not happen.

    His paranoia seems to be deeply rooted – you’re probably kind of attractive and he himself has some self esteem issues too.

    I would end this relationship. It doesn’t help to magically get a higher libido to help his high sex drive- what btw i think is the consequence of a depression of him. He tries to get more dopamin/serotonin by having lots of sex to lower the effects of his depression.

    Meanwhile you seem to feel extremely pressurized, not only the paranoia part but also the sex part seems to put you under lots of stress, resulting in a lower libido and psychological problems.

    The problem is not you but this guy.

    Good luck

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