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  1. Yeah, this is it. She came to you as soon as she realized she had actual feelings, because while it hurts, she needs you to know it’s not purposeful, she still loves you, and she wants your help in putting it behind her. She didn’t want to have a crush. She didn’t seek this guy out. Some people are just good matches and so a crush can develop. Some people are also more prone to crushes. I totally have have a natural affinity to crush on people. I haven’t since I’ve been with my husband, but that’s because I’ve been able to not be forced to worked too closely with someone like your wife has been. Hell, I’ve had crushes on multiple guys at the same time.

    If I ever feel like I maybe might start to crush on someone that’s not my husband, I just back off. Spend less time with them specifically. It has only been socially because my work has been solo for a while, so it don’t have to interact with others for it. Its easier to separate from a social situation then a work one.

    My brain is very rash and impulsive. It craves dopamine like nobody’s business. A crush is a huge source of dopamine, so it tries to make them everywhere. I actually crush on my husband all the time. And I crush on platonic friends too. If I ever had a romantic crush on someone, I’d immediately tell my husband and cut contact as much as possible. Just like your wife did.

    I know it hurts, but she for sure did the right thing, and 100% loves you.

  2. This is so demeaning to the bisexual community. Unless otherwise discussed, it's safe to assume that if anyone other than like a doctor is touching your genitals it's cheating.

  3. This dude sounds like the worst. It’s 2023, not 1823. You don’t have to get married by any certain age or at all for that matter. You do you. He seems very insecure and rude. Also, someone 19 dating someone in their late 30s (in general, I realize there are exceptions to every rule) seems predatory.

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