My [38F] fiancé [37M] only realized that he can’t find his passport the night before our honeymoon and now we can’t go.


Some context: a family member gifted this trip to us for our wedding. It’s the only “nice” thing we’re doing for the occasion because otherwise we’re going to just go to the city hall and have dinner with family. After this years’ ongoing strike (you can guess the industry) and a bad financial year before that, I’ve been the sole breadwinner and while he’s been very helpful around the house, it’s starting to breed resentment and fear in me. I’m so nervous that this event will only be gasoline on that fire.

Could you please give me some perspective, Reddit? My fiancé is so kind and we get along so well and I love him dearly, but these lapses in judgement are beginning to grind me down. This was the kind of trip that we’ll never be able to afford on our own, so I’m feeling this naked.

TLDR my fiancé only looked for his passport the night before our honeymoon and can’t find it so now we can’t go because we’re right on cash and this was a gift. Please help me not go insane.

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Date: September 16, 2023

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