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  1. Yes run.

    He saw that you are doing more for your own life and spending less time begging for his attention. He wants to nip that in the bud and keep you on a string. He wants to be the ONLY thing in your life while you are barely a thing in his life at all.

  2. She’s sorry she got caught and is panicking…. Ergo, the suggestion of couples therapy…. When all along – any challenges and her own mental/physical health issues she’s NEVER wanted to “get help” …. She still doesn’t want help – she wants a bailout.

    She thinks she can bullshit you into believing her …. I’m sorry to say it that way.

    Smell her later, man. Rip the bad aid off and do what you’d tell your Dad or Brother to do if this happened to them.

    If you do go to any kind of therapy go and learn how healthy relationships work and how to make your boundaries CRYSTAL clear from the get go. So this while you’re single and practice with your family, friends and even strangers.

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