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  1. His poor fiancé. Can you imagine Christmas at their house? ‘I’m not giving you a gift darling, I’m protesting at the system’.

  2. She didn't make you look like a joke. You did that to yourself. It wasn't about you, but you made it so. You going silent and displaying your insecurities by leaving are all on you. Just giving you a reality check, not trying to be mean. You could've ignored it, you could've chimed in and say he does look great in a suit. There's a myriad of ways that you could've responded, but you chose to take it as a slight and leave. How you felt is solely based on your reaction, filtered through your trauma. You don't want to create an environment where your partner has to mince their words, because that's how you teach people to be dishonest to you.

  3. Is it feasible for him to visit you? Seeing how you operate as a pair in your “home world” might help shed more clarity on the relationship, as well as letting him meet people who are important to you. You don't want to get swallowed into his life after all, you want to merge both of your lives together.

    As for the kids thing – that's something that can only be up to you. Ponder it long and nude. As the parents (esp mothers) in your life for advice. But don't get married unless you're on the same page. Kids aren't something you can compromise on.

  4. I got lost at the last part of your ending sentence, but I'd ask if you can either talk about it outside of work, wait and see if he asks you, or wait until you or him work at a different job.

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