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  1. Considering he’s your first, i think there’s probably an emotional connection to him that’s making it even harder for you to leave. He is a lot older than you, you might not be a minor but it definitely seems like he’s grooming you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing these things, you’ve gotta stop honey. If you have anyone who can help you get out of it, go. There’s someone out there that will treat you exactly how you deserve to be treated, even if you don’t think so.

  2. Let him go he wasn’t even a boyfriend. And frankly these kinds of relationships only have so far they can go and these are grow into a relationship or they end. Yours ended.

  3. His parents were probably raised somewhere that didn't have robust enough plumbing to handle flushing anything but liquids and passed that on to their son.

    Maybe try explaining that modern sewage systems are designed to handle toilet paper and it's okay to flush it?

  4. You came here to ask if this old guy is stringing you along. HE IS. We're all telling you he is, because you asked.

    Now you're arguing with anyone in comments.

    What are you here for? What did you make this post for? Why are you defending this relationship as if you're not the victim of some creep?

    Again: you are the victim of a manipulative creep. That is the answer to your post. That is the advice. Stop arguing and start planning how you leave.

  5. you still aren't really paying attention to what's being said – this guy finds her interesting as a person in her own right and values her mind. Have you tried doing the same?

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