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    You did not tell me what was the issue you were supposed to help them with? Money, finding a new ticket.

    Your boyfriend can suggest things but it seems he does not understand the word NO!

    I think you need to review your relationship if this is something he has been doing a lot

  2. body odor involves bath/shower as well as what she eats. Usually fruits and berries as well as lemon or lime water is a wonderful addition to routine. Sometimes lacknof water or certain vitamins also make people reek. So like I said try adding fruits, vegetables and water in her diet.

    bathing/showering once a day is the norm even if you don't go outside. I think. If she smells down there, she may need to groom more or groom properly. And clean that area well.

    One week for hair is not enough or common. I wash my hair three times a week and know of girls who do it everyday. Otherwise people who wash it twice a week use dry shampoo to as not have bad smelling hair. Also it's possible that she mayhave a condition that makes her hair smell bad which means she needs to use the right shampoo as well.

    It's a difficult conversation but it's something that she should know specially if she's unaware of it. Try to be kind and not make a huge deal when you speak to her about it. Be reassuring that you really like her but are worried if everything was ok with her. Be sensitive.

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