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  1. What I’m doing right now is working on myself so that I’m better if we get back together or I’m already in the process of healing if we don’t. I have decided to take a break from social media so that I don’t see reminders of him. I’ve been on Reddit more conversing with people to pass the time. Redecorating my room. Stuff for me.

  2. It may not be about helping her, but about controlling her. Or at least, trying to. The times I got the most 'support' from my family are times I was doing things they didn't want me to be doing. Dating an older man? We'll get your that laptop you need for college if you stop. Etc etc.

    She might also just be the favorite, but it does sound like she's more 'wild' than you were/are. Whatever the reason they are offering her this support, I hope you don't hold it against her. It's not her fault.

    However, you definitely should approach your parents and explain why this hurts you. Be prepared for a lot of excuses and reasons why it is different. It doesn't matter. Just repeat that it hurts you. And then go from there on making a decision on the relationship.

    I hope they can react in a genuine way to your hurt.

  3. i'm confused… what are you asking exactly?

    Like, re-read this as if you where a stranger and answer it yourself, would you not be saying this person is just not that into you, that she is stringing you along and you don't deserve to be treated this way so turn this to off and let her go back to the streets?

    this is cheating, from A to Z cheating, it is disloyal behaviour and you know it is and yet you let her convince you it's not? you are giving yourself anxiety over this person, she must be real pretty for you to put up with this then or she has wicked dark sith mind control powers…

  4. There are a few possibilities as to how this will go down

    Break up now and tell her to move out. And she does. Clean and easy

    Break up now and tell her to move out. She doesn’t, she tries to emotionally manipulate you and you let her stay out of sympathy

    You mentally check out until your lease is up. Then break up and not renew the lease. You go your way.

    There might be other possibilities that I’m not thinking of

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