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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. I would say to buy it in your name, but back then if my grandma had bought the house under my grandpa's name, my grandma wouldve been homeless when my grandpa died of a heart attack two years later. Anything could happen. That completely changed my perspective of whether you should include your fiancee. If you think she's the real deal, you could joint

  2. This and key on the part of your age. You aren't the same person who can look after a baby full time that you were 35 yrs ago. But your daughter IS that age now. If that daughter and husband can't muster the energy, why expect the mother 35 years later to?

  3. Keep an eye on the situation but it could very easily be nothing. I bruise at the drop of a hat and a pair of underwear that's slightly tight or my jeans will mark me up every now and then. If it's really close to where the edge of her underwear would rub against when she moves, I would guess it's from that.

  4. I hope you leave and find a person that’s right for you and gives you the things you’ve been lacking. I’m sorry this was the way you found out. Shame on her for living a lie and dragging you through it. She doesn’t sound like a good person or even a friend to you the way she regards and treats you anyway, and you’re just used to it at this point.

  5. Everyone has different morals and values, everyone has a different “too far”

    Is their relationship your business? No. But you asked because you don't condone infidelity, she's shown you she's totally okay with it.

    Imo I'd probably distance myself from both of them, mostly cause they've shown who they are, they both knew the entire friendship was inappropriate, but also this has the chance of causing so much drama and I stability at work, it's why so many people say “don't shit where you eat”

  6. If OP went into this marriage thinking it was monogamous and the partner brings up poly life style, that brings up questions whether the partner is going to cheat, isn't happy with the sex life, etc. etc. It undermines trust in the relationship.

  7. Either he trusts you or he doesn’t. You could hook up w someone else anywhere, but you don’t. And this is a great experience for you to have while you are young. Do not give it up for him.

    Maybe you guys will last and grow old together, but chances are you’re not going to spend your life with the guy you were dating at 19. And what a waste it would be to give up this opportunity for that.

  8. His reason is that all women in his age range are now already married so he settled for younger ones. To be honest I don't really care about his preferences nor do I want to go back to him. I just feel ashamed for feeling this way and a bit guilty as it feels like cheating. Thank you for validating my feelings.

  9. It’s not a comparison thing. I’m a woman and I watch porn, with my husband, well usually with him… I have never, not one time, compared my husband to the men in porn.

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