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  1. First, in looking at your comments and your past posts, the issues in your relationship aren't about the smoking. You don't want to be in this relationship anymore. You feel trapped by it.

    From one of your comments:

    Iā€™m scared that he will do something if he notices me leaving again. How can I distract him so I can leave? I have tried talking to him but he always escalates the situation by yelling.

    This man is emotionally abusing you. When he threatens to hurt himself or you if you want to leave, that is abuse.

    There's a lot of great resources on the web about how to leave an abusive situation (which, make no mistake about it, you are in). Dig into those. The basic of them is to make a plan. Know what you need to take (all of your personal documents like licence, birth certificate, social security card, passport, etc). Find a trusted friend or family member to help you leave. Call (or text if you don't want him to hear you) your dad, give him the quick notes that you need to leave and are afraid to, and see if he can pick you up, be there for those moments when you are leaving to not let your husband's scene he'll cause stop you.

    I'm sorry you are going through this. And I'll note from some of your other posts, please, your life is worth living. You deserve better than how he's been treating you. You are worth more than how he treats you. Don't let your life value be defined by this cheating, chain smoking, abusive piece of shit.

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