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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. From your comments, this sounds really controlling and unhealthy. If she starts with a minor thing like this and she is succesfullnwith it, who onows whats her next restriction will be.

    So it is up to you if you can online with someone who his telling you what to do and what not. If you don't have a problem, continue. But you posted it here so I assume it bothers you.

  2. 'Hey partner. I've cheated on you multiple times. I'm sorry I'm a shitty person and have disrespected you and our relationship.' Then be gone. They deserve better.

    If you've have sex (oral or otherwise) with them after the other dudes, you should add: 'while doing so, I didn't care about anyone's health, so I suggest getting a full panel done down at the health stop to make sure I haven't passed anything onto you.'

  3. Depends on who dumped who. If she dumped you then she needs to pay all of her rent until the lease is over. If you dumped her then it's only fair that she not pay anything (unless the reason for you dumping her was cheating).

  4. We always make time for the people we're interested in and you haven't been making the time for her. Not to her liking anyway.

    After she texted you these things and you not responding in a timely manner, she sees that you don't mind making her wait. Not cool if you're trying to make an impression of being interested in her.

    Sometimes, it's just best to move on. There shouldn't be these problems this early into forming a relationship.

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  6. I've been told many times that even when I'm blackout drunk, I seem mostly normal, maybe more honest and talkative than usual but mostly normal. Not everyone immediately falls over and passes out in an obvious way and I've even had people tell me about drunk conversations we've had that I don't remember. It's possible she could have appeared to consent and seemed aware of what was going on but I can't say for sure without being there. Not excusing the potential rapist's behaviours but it's not always so black and white. Personality I refuse to sleep with anyone who I've seen drink quite a bit regardless of what they look like to avoid this exact scenario.

  7. You are both adults and is this her mother or mother in law, who’s mother is she? Also, it’s time to tell her what you wrote here. She’s being intrusive and a little over bearing. While you appreciate her genuine care, she’s not respecting your boundaries or showing respect for you both as adults. Tell her she needs to make these adjustments or you both will need to minimize contact with her for your own peace of mind

  8. I’m sorry but “supports her success as well as her dreams”? That’s laughable ?. What ‘success’ are you referring to? Getting likes on social media is not success in any way, not to mention she hasn’t monetized a single part of her social media yet. You need to amass a considerable following with consistent engagement at a high level to make good money. Even at these early stages as OP describes she’s getting less and less attention as time goes on, which leads me to believe this will be short lived. He’s seeing her for the person she truly is and has nothing to do with jealousy or insecurity she’s acting like a teenage brat.

  9. You're going to have to be honest and see what happens then, problems are likely to happen if you have a child because she wants one and you end up resenting the kid and her if your feelings continue and also if she decides to not have children because she values your relationship higher and then resents you because of it.

    A serious conversation between the two of you is needed laying everything out

  10. It was very glaring that the year that his wife is postpartum with a newborn he magically happens to be interested in another woman. A woman who’s body hasn’t just changed dramatically, isn’t completely sleep deprived and hormonal, no she’s just very special.

  11. She needs to be away from OP, for her mental and probably physical health. So staying at OPs moms place isn’t going to work.

  12. Well, step one is to stop these weird armchair diagnoses. Cyclothymia and psychosis? I can't tell if you're even being serious or not.

  13. You're anxious attachment.

    He's avoidant.

    A toxic match indeed.

    Let him go. Get your life together.

    You're 32 years goddamn old.

  14. so he’s verbally abusive and sexually assaulting you? please get as far away from this scumbag as possible. there’s nothing wrong with you, he has serious issues and is taking his frustration out on you.

  15. Maybe she thinks it will hatch and a will smith genie from Aladdin will pop out and cure her egg intolerance and give her a boost of energy

  16. i am definitely not happy with this part

    I feel lost man, I feel that whatever I do, it will be a mistake

  17. he lit my cat on fire and punched my mother but other than that he's such an angel and treats me like a queen ?

  18. That's a grown adult, if she wants a man-child that's her cross to bare.

    I'm sure someday this will bit her in the ass but your best best is to get away from them ASAP and make sure you don't put put with this type of behavior in whoever you share your home with.

  19. I'm autistic, i don't treat people like shit or insult them. Autism is no excuse to be an asshole. If he can't treat you right, he doesn't deserve you as a gf. And if he can't control himself, he should go to therapy to find ways to cope. You are not his verbal punching bag.

  20. I’m laughing that you think you’ve got better relationship advice than your husband, meanwhile you’re pouring gas on your marriage and lighting it on fire ???

  21. When I was in college, my boyfriend of three years was killed by a drunk driver. That was 23 years ago. It’s his birthday on Monday and I STILL cry every year.

    His parents called me the morning after he was hit. His name and my brother’s name were the same so when my mom answered and they told her “Michael is dead” my mom just kept screaming “NOT MICHAEL!” Over and over and over in anguish and that’s what I woke up to. My mother screaming at a woman whose son was dead because she didn’t understand.

    When my parents finally understood that their son was fine and it was my Michael who was gone, they were so relieved that didn’t have any concern or empathy left for me. It was like I was an afterthought.

    I loved that guy so much. I still do. He was the light in every room. He made every day the best day. He was 21.

    My life since then has been a reaction to that day. It’s not all bad and I’m married now and have two beautiful babies and the sad truth is that I am probably a better person now for having gone through all that but hell I’d give it all back for him.

    You made the right choice, dear.

  22. Agree 100% with this! You went 0-60 really fast, OP. No one likes being rejected, but at least he had the decency to TELL you and not ghost you! Everyone deals with rejection. But you saying this stuff about yourself will cause you to believe it, and everyone wants a potential partner that’s confident!! Don’t let it ruin your confidence!!

  23. No OP just spent her time actively bullying him when he was “below average” with all of her friends. They all sat and laughed when he was “quiet and red in the face”.

    OP doesn’t deserve him at all. His current behavior is her own doing from constant bullying. OP only cares now because it’s affecting her social life. She doesn’t care about him, only how she’s perceived. It was cool to make fun of him before because he was “below average” so she did it. Now she’s getting flack from him being around shes backtracking and saying she “grew” and knows it’s wrong to bully…but won’t make her friends apologize or won’t apologize herself.

    These aren’t the same situations at all.

  24. I'm sorry, he makes you pay 1/2 for going to visit *his* family? That is rediculous! And if he's going on the trip anyway, then yes it's nice to offer some gas money if you hitch a ride, but it should never be more then you can afford. It's different if it's a trip you two plan for the two of you special, but not something like this were he'll spend the money to go whether or not you are there.

  25. Sometimes it can be the right person and the wrong time. That’s okay.

    But it’s only been a month, and if you’re posting here … you already know what you feel is most important.

  26. It’s hard to want to have sex with someone who is expecting you to do the same work for you as you do for your kids.

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