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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. I don’t think culture matters here. She’s quite clearly not crazy to feel the way she does.

    She’s right to feel the way she does. But I agree, it’s not on you.

    Let’s discuss two things here; first, you’re avoiding the truth here. Why?

    Second, we’re unfortunately looking at a situation where a partner’s self esteem is just absolutely destroyed and she’s grasping at straws here. The answer is she should leave if she feels a need to come to you. But she hasn’t.

    Again, it’s not your problem. But realize what’s going on here. You obviously know.

  2. I understand that you feel upset about this situation. It seems like the person you're dating is not being very supportive during this difficult time and it's understandable why you'd be concerned. I think it's important to communicate your concerns with him, openly and honestly express how his lack of action has had an affect on you. Even if he chooses not to help or support his friend in any way, it doesn't mean that you have to follow suit. You can reach out for support for yourself and also for your friend who is going through a tough time – even a small kind gesture from someone else may make all the difference in their recovery journey!

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  4. You two are broken up, you're no longer each-others responsibility.

    You can pretend like you are because you're emotionally involved. But you two broke up for a reason. That reason is still impacting your current connection.

    I slowly started to feel something was off again. At some point I felt like he didn't enjoy talking to me anymore and he had better stuff to do than texting me.

    You two aren't in this fully. You're merely just entertaining the thought of each-other.

    I think you two should look at the hard truth, is this really a compatible reletionship or not?

    If you were genuinely compatible, your relationship would be providing you with love, not pain.

  5. This is exactly it. He wants her to be faithful, emotionally support him and invest loads of her free time in him but he also wants to be able to leave her at the drop of a hat incase something “better” comes along (aka he wants to fuck another girl).

  6. Desperate for what? You have everything you need and you haven’t lost anything. What your husband has is what he had when you met. You’ve already been told you can have a bigger place when you need it. You just don’t want HER to have THAT place and it’s NOT YOUR BUSINESS

  7. Absolutely not, if you genuinely had nothing to worry about, he wouldn’t have lied to you because he’d have had no reason to. He 100% screwed her

  8. A common problem with Reddit. A lot of people go from 0-60 in .02 seconds. Sometimes there's really just a communication problem, which we all have from time to time, but they really do enjoy some good drama.

    The concern here would be that he tried to baby trap you. If he participated in going and getting plan B for you to take and didn't put up a fight, I'm sure that wasn't his intention and the timing was just very bad.

  9. Nope. You try and talk and she wont let you. That is not how to handle an adult relationship.

    You are not sexually compatible.

    2 strikes. Time to bounce my friend.

  10. Excuse me? Exactly how did you “fuck up”? I am not getting this. Are you in a BDSM or kidnapping situation ?

  11. Well if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions….

    Flip it: Would you continue talking to a woman who claims to be super interested in you, then immediately turns around and flirts with someone else (that they used to be into?)

    Learn the lesson and be better in the future, and ask yourself why you immediately respond to any interest.

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