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  1. Right, I agree. Iโ€™ve always said I wanted to online with someone for a little while before I marry them. But this situation is a little different bc we canโ€™t just move in together and take things for a real test drive. He came here in November, heโ€™s coming back in March, then Iโ€™m going over there in may/June. All these trips are only about two weeks at a time though.

  2. Yes, because having your gf best friend spooning her and touching her breasts with little clothes on is nothing serious

  3. That's tough man. It's really bad that she lied to you by not telling you at some point when your relationship got serious, but I can imagine how it hurts even worse that she was willing to do kinky shit with people she didn't even know for money and she won't do those things with her own husband. I would certainly have a nude time getting over it.

  4. What is a situationship?

    Do you know for sure that he knows his Mother is having an affair with a married man?

    At the moment you like the guy but it sounds like you have never considered him as a future marriage partner and you wouldn't be too upset if you went separate ways.

  5. You should think your girlfriend is massively insecure and a liar. This the kind of relationship you want or need in your life?

  6. The school will be required to follow up. Most colleges have very strict policies with regard to professors dating students. At minimum, there will be an investigation and his reputation will be tarnished among his colleagues. However, if the investigation turns up solid proof that he is dating a student, getting rid of him will be the best course of action for the university.

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