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  1. You need to drop him faster than a hard potato. 1. You should be able to masterbate whenever the f you want to. It's your body and you can do whatever you want with it. And 2. You should be able to cry in peace in your own home. And 3. You should be able to wcratch your dang leg!! Like wtf is his problem?! Does he think he own your body or something?!?! And why is he FAKE sleeping…. pretending to be asleep to catch you to do something – that's a HUGE RED FLAG. He sounds like a boring, jealous, man child. And he needs to GO.

  2. At this point we are working on things very naked and trying to make things work, so I would assume (and we talked about this) communication is a big part of that.

    Should I just not go? I also told him I'd just not go, that would be fine with me too and then he was like no please go! I'm just not coming with.

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