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  1. The silent treatment is a for of abuse. What he is doing is cruel and not something you do to a person you care about.

  2. Sure, but OP is basically asking us to take sides. His current position is what I originally said: just ‘cause and just don’t wanna.

  3. You desperately need therapy to work on your severe anxiety. It’s never healthy in a relationship dynamic to rely on your partner for your happiness/self worth.

  4. I understand that your lives are intertwined fundamentally and the thought of undoing all of that is daunting and insurmountable. But you need to think of yourself and your children. You are unhappy in your day to day life. You are treated with disrespect and have been abused into surrendering your autonomy. This is the worst possible example to set for your kids, boys or girls, and they’ll never be happy in your family anyway when you are miserable. You’ve been dancing around this like it’s a fight you need to win, it’s not. You need to leave.

  5. If I were to tell her I was feeling panicked and very afraid she would leave me, she would 100% reassure me immediately. The thing is, it’s her emotional state that gets to me, not her words. Like the fact that she is distant is what hurts.

    I have been doing better with giving her space, but I am nowhere near where I want to be with it.

    I am going to make a therapy appointment tomorrow. I wanted to do it today but just got too busy at work.

  6. he did not gift the perfume to her, as for the clothing I’m unsure. I think the issue is that for me, scents hold association so smells reminds me of things

  7. I would wait until you serve your divorce papers, then tell P2. You don’t want to tell him only for him to blow up and tell his cheater and then her telling your cheater. Once you kick her out, then tell him.

  8. I thought the same, he wanted options open but the thing is, hes with me 24/7 cut those girls off too. Speaking from religious perspectives, we dont know if our both families would agree for us to be together. We are together everywhere every second and hes like what if one of our families dont agree, telling its gonna cause sm pain… if we keep sleeping with each other and end up with someone else..

  9. So he had your brother rape you?

    There's nothing to think about. You get a fucking divorce and never see him again.

  10. Keep walkin' Sister. He will hurt you again. Don't let him drag you down when you can live your life and find someone who you can depend on.

  11. You need to ask your doctor to explain to him how serious ‘high risk’ is… not just to the baby but to you.

  12. Very hot disagree. She’s an adult. I would never expect my boyfriend to fight my battles for me. She should be embarrassed.

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