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  1. It sounds like in OP’s mind, sister-in-law should be hosting an alcohol free event in her honor. Anything less is a slap in the face. Even though she doesn’t know about her sobriety. Weird.

  2. “This feels like a typical conversation where a guy does not see what is in front of him, but is upset when another guy does”

    Wouldn't this be a case where you do value her. If you didn't you wouldn't be concerned about losing her or uncomfortable. You only brought this up because you care about her and your relationship together.

    While I do understand that some people have boundaries and feel that looking through other people's property/their phone is a breach of trust, your partner should be willing or comfortable sharing that part of their life with you if you are in a healthy relationship.

    I would recommend treating the looking through the phone and the conversations as two seperate topics when talking to her, as she may be deflecting to avoid discussing her conversation. Let her know you will discuss your behaviour at a later time but you want to talk about the conversation first and how concerned you are about the interaction.

  3. Your fears are normal and valid. But so is your progress. Some people just don’t find a partner until later and that’s totally fine (sometimes better). Just do your thing and you’ll meet people along the way!

  4. If your 20 year old daughter was speaking to a 26 year old man live! for only a few weeks, and this man was desperately trying to meet up with her, you'd think it was weird, right?

    You only speaking to this guy for a few weeks, being “in love”, and desperately trying to meet up, is weird af

  5. Why don't you just date someone you don't feel like you have to “fix.” This isn't about her health, it's about your preferences, and your preferences aren't her problem. Leave the poor girl alone.

  6. Yeah, fortunately the Visa process takes about a year so there's time before taking the plunge.

    How “late” did you marry?

  7. I think it would be important to understand why she wants to be married. Is it to post on social media? Is that because everyone else is married? Maybe she is insecure about the relationship? Would she be OK with a cityhall wedding just the two of you or it must be an instagram fantasy? Same goes for you why dont you want to be married? Maybe you hope you can get someone better? Or do you see yourself with her in 50 years?

    However an ultimatum to me is always a no.

  8. You want to meet him, but I guarantee he doesn’t want to meet you. I’ve seen the “shy” excuse used before, but in reality it was “dislike”.

  9. Physicality in marriage ebbs and flows. Make an effort to initiate physical touch with him. Put your head on his shoulder on the couch, put your hand on him in bed. Whatever. I know this is horribly painful for you, but it really may not be forever. The dress in your lives right now is a lot. Work to stay connected on some level – date nights if you can afford it. Evening walks with the kids. Whatever you can do to bridge this gap.

  10. This – be single. You seem to be of the belief that you absolutely have to live! your life married. You do not and since you seem to have a tendency to want new and exciting – do everyone a favor and just be single.

  11. when im single nobody ever approaches me or shows interest in me so I turn to qpps instead. I guess I'm just an unapproachable person

  12. He sounds absolutely nuts and unhinged. If it was me, I would back up a copy of all his Reddit posts, grab a laptop/phone/passports/clothes, and get your kids and get the fk out of there. Tell the kids it’s a last minute family visit, go stay with your folks or family. Contact a divorce lawyer. And warn the other woman who he involved in all this too. I just feel like this guy could be on the next episode of Casefile with you or her as the victim, and it gives me major spine chills. The fact he likely has seen your Reddit post is concerning. Please put your safety first and foremost and get OUT. This is a man who has avoided divorce at all costs and harboured resentment for 20 years, and now he’s lost the power position. Please get safe.

  13. You didn’t need to be so rude ?. My anxiety just makes me really overthink things. I came here for advice, I guess I shouldn’t have

  14. Whoever asked how much stuff did I bring his friends… Reddit’s hiding comments from me so I can’t reply directly. One friend, two books, no drugs, Hun.

  15. That’s really sweet! I mean maybe he’s anticipating paying for most of the food while being there? In any case there’s really nothing wrong with splitting expenses this far into a relationship. If you ever have a joint account most of the time the expectation would be to equally contribute to that too, depends on how you work it out. I’m the higher earner in my relationship and I have asked my partner to cover a meal here and there since I pay for most of the other expenses. He does the same as you and offers, which I deny a majority of the time because it makes me feel bad and I’d rather him save his money. From my perspective it’s just a reasonable request.

  16. That's not really realistic. Even 30+ years ago when I was dating, we sent Polaroids. They are going to send them, nearly everyone does now. So I tell them to be smart about it.

  17. Either wifey is a lemming and so naive thinking it’s a good idea to get hard in front of a friend, or is more nefarious. Dunno which is worse.

  18. Thanks for the elaborate response. I totally get what you mean, and I'll be OK if this isn't something she wants to explore. I just want her to know that it's something I'm into even if I never get to experience it myself. I also wouldn't be interested in polyamory as I do not wish to have a romantic relationship with anyone but my girlfriend. I'm more into the mutual pleasure of it all.

  19. But it isn’t bullshit beliefs because we set those boundaries when we started dating.

    And then she grew up and realized that properly explored sexuality isn't a bad thing.

  20. A lot of parents get a fear of the 'empty nest' that comes of their children growing up and leaving home. That effect can be even more extreme when it is a single parent, someone that basically has pivoted her entire life around you two for a long time. More than that, she likely never truly processed the divorce and threw herself into parenthood to move through it.

    So now you are starting to grow up, and note this is already pretty late for that process, she is freaking out. She calls it abusive because emotionally she just has no capacity to deal with the idea that soon you will likely be gone entirely. You said it yourself, she will frame you as an adult moving out as abandonment.

    And yeah, you might have to move out just to force it. Because reality is you can't be there forever. You're 22 now, finding your feet. If that is too much for her then very quickly this will get significantly more toxic.

  21. You should stop gatekeeping your GF's actions and stop telling her what to do. You are controlling and it's not a good look.

  22. I have, i said I’m not doing his washing anymore so his clothes are completely his responsibility now. We were both just curious to see what others think

  23. Your boyfriend making sexual jokes about other women to your face should be a reason to go bye-bye 🙂

  24. In the world of non-monogamy this is what's called a “one penis policy” (OPP) and it's viewed as highly unethical and homophobic.

    The issue here is that he doesn't believe it's possible for you to leave him for another woman. You couldn't possibly prefer a lowly vagina to his Great And Mighty Penis, but if there were a Greater And Mightier Penis there could be a problem. So no other penises for you.

    See how that's pretty homophobic?

    And what happens if you meet a trans person you're into? Do you have to decide if they're an option based on their genitalia, or their presenting gender?

    The reality is that sex is sex no matter what kind of equipment someone's packing. Opening to see people of whatever gender(s) you're attracted to can be awesome if you've both got exceptional communication and conflict resolution skills. He sounds like he's got a long way to go.

  25. Never have i ever known a woman to buy a condom, and use it ON HERSELF. Masturbation is a one person thing. People are solo when they do that. What the hell would a lone woman do with a condom?

  26. Ultimatum time. He gets helps and acknowledges the impacts of his addiction working towards stopping, or you’re done. But don’t try and empty threat him, you have to mean it. If he can hold out long enough to start peeling back layers of the addiction he might start to see the benefits enough to keep him motivated. Try getting him an intro book to porn addiction.

  27. I really just feel like I need him rn

    He hasn't been there for you, why would he now? (blunt talk).

    I would suggest you focus on your studies and hold out for a BF that actually treats you well.

  28. Ok if you really want to be pedantic then >95%. My point stands. It is very, very rare that people are just fine finding out that their wife fucked their brother nearly a decade after marrying them.

  29. I would never date someone who had any previous relationship with my sister. If I found out my SO did and kept it from me, I would never be able to trust them again.

  30. Sounds like she wants to date/have sex with other men and see what's out there. If she can't find anyone she'll come back to you.

  31. To note, he never mistreated me or anyone else as far as I know.

    Well, think about it. He was dating, and engaged, to Molly. Despite that he relentlessly messaged and pursued you. That made him an objectively bad partner, he was actively leading her on. She spent years in a relationship with a guy that was only with her because you wouldn't humour him. So yeah, I think you really really need to assess what are healthy boundaries, why you didn't just block him, why you humoured it at all and most importantly the reality that he absolutely was mistreating people, albeit in a passive way. After all, he clearly wasn't respecting your boundaries either.

    I have no idea why you haven't told him to take a hike. Maybe reflect on that, whether maybe you like the attention more than you hope. Because to me this all seems pretty absurd.

    As for him, well, he is a guy stuck in his nostalgia. Idealising his time with you, what you represented, maybe the escape from real life or a world he can pretend that simple joy would last forever. Honestly, it is genuinely sad.

    Stop humouring him, even out of politeness. This was transparently a guy you should have shut down years ago.

  32. Okay well by THAT logic, then I guess the girlfriend has every right to say END OF relationship if he continues to hang out with the “friend” that doesn't like her and makes her uncomfortable

  33. If it was possible to just “switch off” my OCD, I simply would never have it switched on in the first place. The fact that he would even suggest that he can switch it off is hilarious. OCD is literally being so obsessed with something, that you can’t just stop thinking about it. If you’re able to just stop thinking about the intrusive thought, it’s not OCD.

    Your boyfriend has been lying to you and manipulating you. Get out.

  34. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I'm really embarrassed. I'm 36F, just got cast in a play. I thought I was doing well. Apparently… not so much.

    I got a text last night saying I was let go from the play because I just wasn't cutting it. Now I have to tell all the people I was so proud to tell that I'd been cast, all my coworkers and family friends and my mom and my boyfriend. I have to say I've been fired because I'm not good enough. What do I do?


    I don't know how to tell my loved ones that I've been fired from a play.

  35. I don’t understand the meaning of this but reading your other comment it appears you think it’s sorcery of some kind. Do you believe in witchcraft?

  36. Why on God's earth would you want to be associated with hi at this point. Your 30 years old, if you want the family life kids, all of that stuff why would you want to do it with a drug addict who looks down at you for “looks at notes” having your life together. You take him back you'll be back here in a year or two asking why he won't stop cheating on you and keeps stealing money from your purse to buy weed.

  37. Yes it does feel like just grinding through life. I feel a lot of guilt because I know he loves me deeply and would be depressed and probably go back to drinking if I left him, but I feel like he needs to find his own way at this point. I've tried directing him into goals and interests but he isn't interested in any of it. I need to focus on my own growth and let him find his own way. But I don't even know where to start, and once again, I feel guilty giving up.

    And yes it feels exactly like he's “trying to get me off his back” with his responses. It's like we're roommates now, or just Best friends, but no longer lovers. Is it unfair of me to give up on him when he says he's trying to improve on our relationship?

  38. Question, when you saw the post about him, did any of the ladies that said they dated him give any negative feedback at all?

  39. Bad enough cheating, but the likelihood these were sex trafficked victims means he paid money to rape a victim of this kind of crime. I wouldn’t even be able to get past the cheating, never mind this.

  40. No, I think I was pretty clear that it's all a lie created by a bunch of idiot teenaged misogynists who are mad on the internet that no one will fuck them.

    I'm baffled by the idea that you think women are not also attracted to young, nubile men, and men are not also attracted to older, more accomplished women. It seems like you think the world still operates on the values of the 1600s, when all anyone cared about was getting married and having kids and women weren't allowed to have jobs, thus women were literally sold to older men who'd had time to build up enough wealth to purchase them while they were young, optimally fertile, and (most importantly) easily manipulated, and you're mistakenly assuming that ridiculous and antiquated social scenario is a basis for biological attraction? I won't pretend the ripples of that idiotic society aren't still influencing the present, but that doesn't mean they should be, or that it's biological.

    We could talk about the fact that every ancient society that rose above that bullshit even a little bit had older, wealthier women owning harems of young men. We could talk about the fact that the pattern you're talking about doesn't appear in almost any other species. We could talk about the fact that there is literally zero actual scientific basis for your claims. Buuuut I'd rather not waste my time, since we both know you've wrapped your identity up in the lie (which is the point, isn't it? this shit appeals to men because it makes them feel superior, and they like that).

  41. Exactly this! And don't just do “visible” tasks. There's so much more to mental labor than doing dishes or cooking. Think about what goes into a meal – meal planning for nutrition/dietary restrictions/preferences, grocery shopping, the actual cooking of the meal is just the visible part of all of that. Also, for kid stuff, maybe you're the one driving them to a birthday party, but who is the one RSVPing, buying a gift, checking schedules, etc? Who's making doctor appointments? Who gets calls from school when there's a problem? Seeing dirty dishes in a sink and cleaning them is great, but that's not really taking away mental load.

    My husband and I used to have a problem with this, and it took a while to sort it out, but now it's a lot better. For example, our senior dog has a bunch of medical stuff, so the other day my husband noticed his medication was running low, and called the pharmacy for a refill. I was at work and he sent me a text letting me know that the prescription would be ready at 4pm, and asked if I could pick it up since I pass by the pharmacy on my way home. To me, that's a perfect example of sharing mental load.

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