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  1. I suggest getting an advocate and/or lawyer to help you guys get the resources and help you guys need. His doctors should’ve told you guys what his results were from the beginning and I would start looking for second and third opinions on everything from now on.

    I know you feel bad about what happened and how you reacted. It’s ok as we all are human and make mistakes (including doctors). That’s why it’s good practice when dealing with serious or potentially serious medical issues you should get at a minimum a second opinion. Your/his doctors shouldn’t take offense from this as it’s pretty standard and a good way to cover everyone’s ass if something is missed.

    Hopefully, both of you can get in to see a good doctor soon and start working on getting your SO the help he needs. Good luck.


    IF, and only IF, you decide to share with any family/close friends do not exceed 20%. Realistically, with 1 million, it'd be wisest not to share at all.

    10% is personal expenditure (play money) and debt elimination. Granted, if you have debt over $100,000, then it may be wise to pay it all off even if it's over 10%.

    The remaining percentage (roughly 70-90% depending on your decision towards familial charity) should be invested. That's where having a sound finance manager comes in. They should direct you to make stable, long-term investments.

    Please be smart with your money and do not waste it. Make solid choices for the future and show the restraint to not blow it in the present.

  3. It’s you. The 85% your boyfriend fulfills is great for you but you are focusing on a small % he doesn’t. This dude you will end up leaving your boyfriend for and crushing his heart will only give you that 15%.

    Enjoy being alone and have cats.

  4. Likely wants to ignore it and hope he just goes away for fear of him getting angry if he feels rejected and possibly retaliating..

  5. Free your mind . The mental anguish you will put upon yourself will destroy any type of relationship you want to have in the future. You will always wonder and doubt, there is no time for that shit in relationships.

  6. Leave this person. In my opinion there’s no recovery from this. There also is no reason to have a discussion with the person share any feelings sort anything out it will only make it worse. Quietly methodically pack up your things and depart. Best of luck to you good thing you found out now before you were in deeper. Your life will be better without this person.

  7. I mean, if she didn’t get any your husband wouldn’t be here.

    Honestly, it seems like a gag gift I’d get from my super close friends. Some people will think it’s very inappropriate, but I think it’s hilarious. If it bothers you that much be an adult and have a conversation about it.

  8. That is not an accurate conceptualization of narcissism. It's a lot more complicated than that and can have nothing to do with having the “best” of anything.

  9. You obviously consciously or not have some issues with him not drinking and not fitting in with your friends. This is probably why your boyfriend has some insecurities about the relationship as he probably can tell this as well.

  10. This right here.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. Please reach out to friends and family who can support you. If and when you're ready,reach out to a hotline.

    Your reaction in the moment was very normal. People always quote “fight or flight” but “freeze” is also a very common reaction to assault.

    Lots of hugs.

  11. Just come out and say your concerns my guy your going to dig a whole that you won’t be able to ever out of. If you trust her drop it but if it is concerning tell her you have a right to have your boundaries but she is also have the right to have friends as well so it comes down to you will have to talk to her or you just going to have trust her.

  12. I'm under the mindset if there's already problems like this at first then I'm gone. Call me Casper mfker lol don't waste any of your time and just take it as a clear signal before hand this ain't the one.

  13. The difference in stress comes from having to provide for everyone financially. You can't just not work when you're having a bad day vs as a SAHP you can forego doing all chores except watching the children.

  14. Tell her that you care more about yourself being comfortable than being at the wedding. You need to be honest and let her draw her own response based on the facts of the situation.

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  16. Thank you for taking the time to explain yourself, as for my relationship I am overlooking my partners past to try to provide a present that is beneficial to both of us. She may be the one honestly. I am learning everyday to over look something that bothers me as a personal issue just as she doesn’t even hint at my past. That said I will never believe men and woman are equal, I believe woman are to be held at a much higher standard than men, but that’s just my opinion, if a man likes a woman who sleeps around then a man likes just that.. a woman who sleeps around whether I may have a preference towards those who are not promiscuous. I don’t feel comfortable going out in public and running into someone who has slept with my woman, it makes me feel as if I am settling for something the average man could get his hands on, and that may be where I may be wrong.. but it is just how I feel. I do not want something that has been in another mans hands, but I can learn to overlook it and ultimately be happy with my partner and if I truly love her then it shouldn’t be a problem, with love comes compromise.

  17. If you dont want to meet or even talk to him, just block him. Then you wont be tripping yourself out about “what does this text mean” or whatever. I mean there's no way reddit strangers would know better than you. But it's obivous he has something he wants to tell you. What do ex's have to confess to us? Well it's either they need to come clean about something (for their own conciosuness) or they still have feelings for you. So if you dont ever want to get back with this guy, then just block and stop worring about it.

  18. Not that it changes anything because you shouldn't trust her regardless, but just curious, what was her excuse?

  19. You should learn to have a little empathy. This is an extremely complicated situation and I too would be hesitant to confront my partner on something he didn’t come to me about first.

  20. There’s the problem right there. You’re a self soother who only takes care of themselves while he’s taking care of two.

  21. Tell her u want it. It doesn't matter when she told u anything. So she ll be drinking less and she only has short time to go. It doesn't matter if you love her or not after.

  22. I'm not trolling, I'm asking if I could get into trouble driving past someone's street that I no longer talk to. Because some people might think it's stalking.

  23. You already have three kids, why the heck would you want more anyway? Can you afford that? Would your children want half siblings? Put your kids first.

  24. Jesus, even in a relationship sometimes I just want some alone time with my fingers, toys and some porn, it isn't cheating!!!

    If porn is a naked limit with you then it should be a boundary discussed at beginning of relationship but you don't own his dick so quit trying to dictate when he touches it.

    Sure he shouldn't have moved you out the room but you sound hot work. Ps… I'm a woman and masturbating has fuck all to do with my thoughts on my partner.

  25. She is actually the big red flag. Hiding our relationship, lying and manipulating me and blaming me for “making” her lie, treating me coldly and without respect in front of her friends, trying to play it cool as if she doesnt love me in front of them. She is super immature and she relies too much on her friends and what they think of her. I promise tou they dont give two damns about her thats why she is constantly worried whst they will think of her . Im sure she didnt even tell them she loves me bcs when we are with them she disrespects me saying stuff like “ send us to a hotel, we need it rn” making it seem as if us isnt serious

  26. I’d guess that’s it. They all hung out together before OP came along. He may not be cheating at all, but they maybe they just don’t like her and he’d rather have fun with his buds and leave his wife out rather than tell them to fuck off and grow up.

  27. Listen lady you asked for outside perspective because even your friends don’t agree with you. So deal with the consequences. Instead of trying to see it from her point of view and understand why she did what she did. You are being selfish because it affects YOU.

  28. I think it would be nice and would be great for her self esteem, physical health, and overall state of being.

    If that's really what this is about (yeah, right), let her have it with someone else.

  29. She has been having an emotional affair pretty openly. If you want a monogamous relationship ask her to stop and set firmer boundaries. I wouldn't be comfortable with a partner even being friends with someone who is actively pursuing them while they are both in committed relationships. If you want an open relationship, then it should be open on both ends and you should be free to see and sleep with others as well. Figure out what you want and then talk through the specifics of it together.

  30. This is a good idea, IMO. Get the evidence first. You have to tell your gf because, while you didn’t do anything wrong, hiding it from her would be wrong and it makes you vulnerable to manipulation from roommate. Your gf should be aware of what kind of person her ‘friend’ is.

  31. Everyone else read that in the tone he meant it. He clearly didn't say “allow” as “permission”, chill tf out

  32. Obviously knowing that you still find her naked is important. In that sense I think a periodic acknowledgment of her being a hottie is fine.

    However noticing a hot behind or pretty face is cool, but that doesn't actually involve paying much attention. In that sense I think better compliments are noticing things about her. New outfits, hairdos, accessories. If she is wearing a colour you like say 'I love you in blue' or whatever. Help her feel seen for things deeper than just being sexy.

    Goes for keeping track of her likes and dislikes, hearing her out, making reference in positive ways to things she's said previously or stuff about her.

    People like feeling seen. Like as a dude don't you feel absolutely tickled when people compliment a new haircut, or they somehow notice you trying a new colour shirt or whatever? If you had a brand new outfit on, one you really loved, and she came to you and said 'oh, you're so handsome' and nothing else wouldn't you be like, yeah but what about my outfit sort of thing?

  33. Yeah, run. I’ve seen guys like this “have kids” and it’s a checkbox on their life list and their wives do all the child-rearing and other work.

  34. I ended my marriage at 45. While I of course wish I'd not married her, I also should have left her much sooner. 28 would have been so much easier than 45, but still this last year+ has been amazing. A++, would leave her again and again ?.

    Being alone is so much better than being with the wrong person.

  35. You can't be held either morally or legally responsible for her actions, please don't worry about that. Just leave and block her.

  36. He was absolutely involved. If he was a good man, he would have been raising hell to get his family to give you the dress back. Instead he's taking their side and screaming at you. That is just horrifying.

  37. Personally, I would let the fiancé know. Based on how he acted when he broke up with you, my guess is you almost blew his cover and the fiancé almost found out about you. Just a guess, but his breakup sounds unnecessarily cruel. Id message her the dates you were dating, last contact, etc. you can ask that she not give him your number/contact as you don’t feel safe or comfortable with it. Maybe offer to answer any questions she comes up with, or whatever you’re comfortable offering. And then go about your life and let them figure out the rest. Whatever puts your conciliatory at ease while also protecting yourself.

  38. I'm really sorry you had to listen to that. Do yourself a favour and get out of that relationship. He's not a good person. Your body isn't broken.

  39. Same happened to me! Claimed the girl in his car club was a lesbian, she brought a girl to a Christmas party. Was my husbands mistress the whole time.

  40. She’s not some broken woman.

    By your logic – sex is dirty…. And you shouldn’t have it either??

    Either get over it or let her go

  41. he’s saying typical cheater lines. they all follow the same script. drop this human ball of drama and watch your life improve

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