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  1. Normally I would say to communicate, but yo are trying already. If he refuses to take your needs into consideration and he himself feels no need for more contact with there is nothing you can do. If you really pressure him he madeght yield and hang out with you, but in this case he won't be happy about it because of what you won't enjoy it either. It seems ypu are either incompatible or he doesn't like you that much. I don't think there is point to your relationship to be honest.

  2. Honestly this is actually the best way to keep her if that's what you want. Be strong. Don't put up with her shit.

  3. For the same reason women close their eyes during sex and men don't…. women become aroused and mentally ready with touch/feel while men are visual creatures. The audio helps paint a picture for them. Audio porn can actually be nude af. Slightly cringe if you think about the fact the person may sound naked but be very far from it irl ?

  4. Another observation I’ve made about society as a whole is that everyone seems to be playing the long shots…. It’s a long shot for a reason because it’s so unlikely to work out. Let’s make an analogy here. I’m NOT promoting gambling, but it’s a part of life… so here we go. If you know what roulette is… you know it’s predominantly a marble on a wheel and you pick a number but then you also have to pick a color red or black… now to get the correct color & number that’s pretty nude and there’s no skill involved it’s PURE luck. There is a 3 color possibility and it’s green and it’s a Zero or double Zero. It’s a fool’s errand to bet on green zero or double zero … why? Because it’s such a long shot. I feel way to many people do this with relationships today. Instead of going with what’s tried and true all to many go for the long shot… consequently all to many are very disappointed with the outcome. I don’t know why they expected anything different.

  5. Honestly, for me, for OP ( it seems ), and for a lot of other guys, even expressing interest in open relationships is an instant death for the relationship. If I would never ever enjoy that type of thing, why would I want someone that would?

  6. I feel like you should really go to therapy. I understand that you feel happy in this, and yea happiness is subjective, but this form of subjective is unhealthy considering the abuse you mentioned and the way you behave in other relationships. And your 18. Imagine if you do heal, yes the healing process is difficult, but then you’d have a whole lot of years ahead of you to find someone who actually does compliment you. You’ll have so many years feel safe and secure in something more deserving.

  7. Yes! I told him that and asked him what his standard of too much is or if he just doesn’t want to hear them at all. he just says “idk”

    I have yet to figure it out. I say things to him casually like “my salary is really late this time” “a lot of people have been laid off” we don’t talk about it in great detail since he doesn’t engage too much in conversations whether they are good news or bad news. i’m really stumped here since it seems like the next step from what i’m already doing is not telling him anything at all if it is even just a tad bit negative

  8. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    My bf and I have been dating for about 5 months. I haven’t had an orgasm in bed with him yet, despite his efforts. I’ve had this issue w every guy that I’ve dated and it’s definitely a ‘me’ issue. I’ve explained this to him many times – that he’s great in bed but I just need more time to feel more comfortable and eventually it’ll happen.

    A few days ago he told me he wanted to give me my ‘first orgasm’. I thought this was pretty presumptuous so I told him that I actually have had an orgasm before. He pressed me a little more on the details so I told him it was just once with my ex about a year ago. He went dead silent after this and was just like…in shock. I told him it wasn’t a big deal, my ex and I dated for quite a while and eventually it just happened.

    My bf started crying a little bit and said he felt so hurt and even betrayed. I was so confused. This was a long time ago, it’s not like I cheated or did anything wrong. He said he wasn’t mad at me, just feels really hurt and sad and doesn’t know why. This has been an issue for days now and he’s still so upset about it. I’ve talked with for hours about it, trying to work through it and figure out the problem of why he’s so devastated. I feel like he’s jealous that some other guy was able to make me orgasm but not him. I’ve told him it was because I knew my ex for a lot longer at that point and eventually just felt more comfortable. And that eventually I’ll be able to with him too, I just need time. I reassure him that I love him, I’m happy with him in bed and that not being able to cum easily is MY issue that I’m working through.

    Nothing I say seems to help. He’s just inconsolable. I honestly feel like he’s overreacting and now I feel kinda hurt that he seems to have such an issue with me having had an orgasm with another man before. Like, I feel like he views me differently now and I don’t think that’s fair. I’m allowed to have had experiences before I met him.

    He doesn’t really know why he feels so strongly either which makes it a lot harder to discuss it. I’m trying to be patient but it feels so illogical and unfair to me that he’s so upset about this totally normal human experience that I had.

    Any insights to why he feels this way or advice?

  9. Jesus fucking Christ, this baby man has sad fee fees because a 31 YEAR OLD WOMAN has had orgasms before!!! Wtaf?

    Omfg, he needs to pull his head out of his ass and let go of this whole 'my woman needs to be pure' bullshit. And honestly sis if he hasn't made you cum in 5 months you needs to kick his butt to the curb and get yourself a vibrator.

  10. Arguing is like dancing, you have to learn how to do it. Arguing is a good thing in a relationship because it shows you care enough to take sides and butt heads.

  11. Your brother, in spite of his age, is still behaving like a teenager when it comes to dating. You can't change him; he would need therapy to figure out why he only dates young women.

    You can certainly voice your opinion if he brings these girls around but that's about all you can do.

  12. Same!

    How selfish and insensitive OP can be?

    Also the terminology he uses like “cut his losses” while thinking of abandoning his sick wife it’s sickening.

  13. Thats why I cheat on my boyfriend regularly and tell him about it later, he grows from having his ego challenged!

    That's why I compare my GF's weight to my ex's, she grows (no pun intended) from having her ego challenged!

    Thats why I compare my wife's loose pussy to my ex's tight nyash! She grows from having her ego challenged!

  14. You can’t control what someone sends to your phone? Are you kidding me? Really? You’re kidding right?

    Of course you can control it. You just have to set a perfectly clear boundary.

  15. I can tell you still have no read my final thoughts comment. Not my post above, the comment I made a couple of hours ago, detailing a lot of what you're saying. You don't need to be disrespectful. I'm taking the advice of the vast majority of people, just not the people who first want to insult and demean me, and then tell me my only option is to leave. Empathy goes a long way.

  16. Imagine this: a few years into the future and your water just broke, you have to Beg your bf to come drive you to the hospital to deliver his baby but since he's out with his friends and made plans Prior he does his usual annoyed sigh “fine! I mean, you Know I made plans but whatever right? I'll be there in 20 minutes.” But you don't know if you can last another 20 minutes, you don't have a choice so you wait. And wait. And wait..


    He doesn't come until 40 minutes later due to “traffic” despite rush hour being long over. He rushes you to the hospital and you spend 16 hours in labour pushing out a 8 pound baby, he's not in the room to support you because “ew blood is gross plus you just shit yourself on the operating table!” So you give birth to his newborn baby, Alone. He doesn't comeback until your vagina and asshole are stitched back together, in which he makes a snarky remark about whether or not you're still tight down there or if you'll be shitting yourself regularly now, to which you passively ignore. Again. After years of doing so, starting with his annoyed sighs and lack of enthusiasm in helping you out with basic necessities, so not only are you raising a baby on your own. You're raising a man child.

    You spend the rest of your years putting up with this shit and regret ever giving this grown ass man the benefit of the doubt when all you've ever asked from him was the Bare Minimum.

    What do you chose?

  17. You will be driven room to room by him.

    He is not looking for a live! in gf but sounds like wants a roommate to pay rent and be out of his fun rooms.

    Move in with sister honey. Finish school get a solid job and buy a house.

  18. I think the big issue is that you are married to someone who you do not trust to support and respect you.

    If you do get pregnant and it is medically rough, do you think he will support you?

    If not, then you need to leave. He is not the guy you should be married to at all.

  19. And she can stop her own reproductive capabilities. She can't demand someone else do so if they're not sure they never want kids again. These two are simply incompatible.

  20. You seriously need to get a grip. Your behaviour is EXTREMELY unhealthy. Nothing you are doing or thinking is rational. You are possessive, probably controlling and overbearing.

    No reasonable person drives to someone's house at 3am over suspicions sparked by a doordash order… And then sits in their house filled with paranoia waiting for them to come home.

    You need help. You shouldn't have called a “break” if you couldn't handle what it entails. I suspect you called it cause you wanted to force him to miss you, wanted him to beg you not to.

    Look yourself in the eye until you realise what you are and what you are doing.

  21. Thank you. That is my main priority, I am happy to get back to spoiling and giving my children my full attention

  22. I have a vagina and a student surgeon butchered it as he botched the routine episiotomy performed as I was giving birth to my son. (Nowadays episiotomy is no longer routine thank goodness). I needed almost as many stiches as for a caesarean.

    The scar was also the fragile point where I tore while giving birth to my daughter.

    For years, I could feel nothing there.

    So I reckon your BF's constant scarring would not help with sensitivity in the long run.

    He's probably embarrassed, you could perhaps talk about seeing an urologist, promise to go with him or whatever, to get real medical advice based on his condition. Google is great, it's fantastic that you managed to find a cause and a solution but you do need to consult a specialist because everyone is different.

  23. Ok I take it back, John sounds like a raging narcisistic arsehole. Ask your GF how she would feel if you emulated his behaviour, would that suddenly be unacceptable, if so why does he get away with it.

  24. I was confused because you referenced “her mother's attitude” and I didn't get that that meant YOUR attitude.

    Your daughter is SCARED of him? That's important and I wish you'd put that in your original post.

    You also didn't mention in your original post that “She has autism and ADHD, so she can be a handful, this has been going on for over a year and it's just gotten worse”.

    What work are you all doing with a family counsellor who specializes in working with families with autism?

    You have changed the post so much from what was originally posted, why is that?

  25. My husband is constantly leaving things in his pockets too, and I agree with you. The laundry should be ready to wash when it goes in the basket, so all pockets should be emptied before hand. It’s also WAY easier for him to empty his pockets himself while he is getting undressed rather than you go through EVERY pair of pants to check them before throwing them into the washing machine.

  26. Oh wow. The update is eye opening. In hindsight I can see that you were likely exhausted when you wrote the original post. For me, I see someone who loves their job with passion, and who cares a lot and probably loves their partner, but the two clearly are not equitable. I also see a partner who is not willing to see the obvious truth of your stress load and has no respect for your time or wellbeing. You know him and your relationship better than we do, but based purely on your post, I would end it and commit fully to my first love, which in this case is your career. Things will likely stabilize for you down the road and that may be the time to look for the right person. This guy does not seem to be the right person. Again, only based on what you've told us, I am not in your relationship so I could be reading more into aspects of your post than I should. He just seems inconsiderate. Definitely too inconsiderate for someone you've been dating for this long. Thanks for loving your brutal job the way you do. The people who end up in your care are lucky that you feel about it the way you do.

  27. I agree that he shouldn’t be communicating and going against his word but I also disagree and will say she is a HUGE problem. Unstable, insecure, stupid redneck who doesn’t know when to quit.

  28. Ok, but you aren't the brand ambassador for sexual assault victims.

    Not everyone is comfortable or wants to talk about it.

    And “immediately” seems pretty fast IMHO. Like history of SA is not a first date topic.

  29. That’s NOT normal. Start making him look bad and make sure you’re never alone with him.

    “That’s a strange comment to make about a teenager”

    “You’re about 25 years too old for me. That’s a whole adult!”

    “What a strange thing to say to someone young enough to be your child”

    “It’s just so weird how you graduated college before I was born!”

    “I’m single because I’m a teenager just enjoying the last of my teenage days”

    “Real men are too old for me, my perfect age range still ends in the word -teen”

    “If you think I’m pretty now, just wait until I actually grow up into an adult”

    You’re legally an adult, the reality is you’re still a teen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Really lean into that with your remarks. Make him feel like a predator because, well, he is.

  30. Your husband isn't being honest about his work schedule. If he's there THAT many hours, it's absolutely by choice. So either he's finding a way to remain at work extra hours to avoid the you and the children, or he's finding somewhere to go after work and pretending to be working.

  31. Sounds like you didn’t really process the breakup and you still have feelings for her. Sounds a lot like she’s using you also. Why doesn’t random guy look after her? He’s good enough to father her child?! You need to start moving on from this woman, even if she begs you to get together or be friends, you’re going to get nothing out of this. Nod to her at work, but if she tries to rekindle a friendship you’re best off telling her you can’t be friends in order to move on. I can promise you, if you ever met another woman this chick would come flying back, sabotage your relationship and gas light you into being her care taker. She doesn’t wNt you, but she also doesn’t want anyone else to have you. She’s testing you to see how manipulable you are. I’ve seen this many times with my friend, she’s just like this girl. Left a trail of heart broken men and their empty wallets.

  32. Because you have an expiration date on beginning a family and 10 years is a really solid thing here. I had a baby at 41 but honestly I would have a sit down and talk with him. Know if you do not want children that changes the dynamics entirely. I would be really honest with myself about what it is that I want and what I’m looking for. And I never suggest anybody wait for another person. It creates a real imbalance And makes it nude to enjoy the relationship today. And when you can’t do that you can’t bond for tomorrow.

    So you need to start talking to him about what he’s doing and be willing to face it even if it’s not you. So you can make decisions. I don’t think you should wait another year. I think two years is enough especially at 31 and you can start talking about it. You will know and you probably already have some idea. But you have to face it and not hide from it and hope.

    Now, if it turns out that what you want it’s just him that’s a whole other thing and you are where you’re supposed to be. But it sounds like there’s a lot more uncertainty coming up in the near future about where he’s going to be living or going, and he’s also not coming forward very strongly . I wish you the best of luck.

  33. I have ADHD. I would never ever ask my partner to deal with what you are dealing with. He sounds immature and lazy, neither are a “result of his adhd”.

    Can I be a little messy or hyperfocused, yes. Would I expect my partner to clean for me while I get high and play video games because for some reason adhd? No because I'm an adult and my ADHD is my responsibility to mitigate.

  34. Your response shows why and how the can got kicked down the road for 7 years. No offence but you are both in denial. I am guessing one of you wants kids but the other doesn't

  35. Thanks. Yeah I messed up bad I think by having a meltdown and not giving her space when she first told Me she wanted space and a break. I can’t sleep, I’ve been having reoccurring nightmares, it’s all I think about all day long, it’s absolutely excruciating. I’ve tried to get my mind off of it and I just can’t. Like she looked at my phone when I was looking at engagement rings and pretty much said yes. That was in like February. I’m so just devastated, I know I should just chill and let whatever happens happen but I can’t sleep, it’s affecting my work. I don’t know if I can live! like this

  36. This is exceedingly wrong and I hope you can see these as huge red flags. He does this to beat you down. To diminish your feelings, thoughts and beliefs. This is going down a huge slippery slope of abuse and you need to pay attention here and get out while you can.

  37. That's not a boundary. Boundaries are for consent and autonomy, not girls making hearts with their fingers or whatever.

    What you're saying doesn't really indicate he's done anything wrong.

  38. I appreciate this feedback. I have also taken short periods of time like this in the past to no avail. I do consider couples counseling since it's offered free through our school, and one of my jobs works closely with the office. Do you have any experience with it and know if it helps?

  39. If she hasn't been interested in dating you before now, she likely isn't interested. Even less interested, since you don't want a committed relationship. You don't receive anything to suggest she is interested in you at all. Even your “friendship” sounds like you pushed her for that.

    You could ask, but be prepared for that to end any relationship or friendship with her. I mean, you take your shot… she's interested or she isn't. And if she isn't, you NEED to take “no” for an answer. She may not be comfortable keeping you as a friend, knowing that you want to date her. Especially, since you aren't looking for a long term relationship, which suggests you only want to have sex with her. I mean, when you say “date” but don't want romance or companionship, what else is there? While there are plenty of women who are cool with that, there are plenty of others who would NOT. Some might even be insulted…

  40. How insecure of a man is he that he needs you to change your last name back to your maiden name before he would even propose to you? That's just ridiculous. TF out of here.

  41. A long time ago in a galaxy far away I was with a gal for near a year. She blew up at me one time, I immediately walked away and I have not spent a single second regretting doing that or wondering if that was the right thing. Like you say your bf said 'no one talks to me like that.' That's a pretty reasonable stance I feel. And likewise, I would not speak to someone I cared about like that either.

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