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  1. Younger women by and large do not want to date a 50 year old guy. They want to date someone their own age. The idea that you're going to easily be able to hook up with a 20 or 30 year old is entirely a fantasy. I'm assuming you're aiming for this age range because dating a woman in her 40s would not be substantially different than dating a 51 year old. It's pretty sad that you're looking to throw out your committed and fault free relationship for a newer model because your current girlfriend had the temerity to age.

  2. Omg that is creepy af. I don't know if I would bring it up. I think it's rather just leave the relationship and be done with it.

  3. Yea cheating is cheating and if she was going to lose her mind over a few pictures then she should also be held to the exact same standards. I was just confused on this whole timeline I thought she was still active.

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  5. Why oh why would the kids ever know? OP is grieving. Grief does weird shit.

    Unless a busy body family member informs the kids, they will never know.

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  7. This is slightly abusive. I would break up with him and not talk to him again. I know it’s only hair, but what happens when he doesn’t like some thing else that you do anything she need to be punished or controlled. Who does something like that?

  8. If she has indeed known for a long time, why has she never mentioned it?

    Because it's obvious. She probably didn't need to be told. She married the guy anyway. She's made her peace with it.

    To him, it's as if she don't want to have that serious talk and never did.

    Again, they've been together for 8 years. She knows. She knew from the first time they slept together. She knew when he got out the ring. She knew when she said “in sickness and health”. Yeah, she's probably never been looking to have that serious talk.

  9. Ok, well I’m going to stop going in circles with you. But you need to admit that it isn’t rational or in any way about what she wants. It’s all about your ego and it’s not healthy.

  10. You can't let the past go when it isn't actually in the past.

    They both betrayed you – your husband by the actions, and your sister by not telling you until she was mad.

    Your husband said it was a mistake, but at his first opportunity to show you and choose you, he played footsies with your sister. Neither one of them stopped it, and it was unusual enough that other family noticed and commented.

    Personally, I wouldn't be able to let it go. I would have to dip.

  11. If you feel like this is something you wanna do it's entirely up to you. With that kind of history and background it's unlikely to be the last time though. Even if he really now is on the correct trajectory it sounds like very early steps at best, which means he might still resort to these behaviors in the future. Make sure you're ready for this potentially happening. Also, 10 months is quite quick. At that point he should still be strongly infatuated to the point of not thinking of others at all.

    On another note, regardless of the circumstances the majority will alway tell you to break up after cheating on reddit, people mostly think in ultimates and in black and white.

  12. But there are new advance everyday, new break through. This pessimism is why people aren’t so hopeful about their futures at times. You can be realistic with being overly nihilistic about things.

  13. If you don't want to be selfish, then don't be. Let him know you are there for him, and leave it alone.

  14. As a swimmer, fuck that noise. He is allowed to work out the way he wants and so are you. The rules don’t state you have to be glued at the hip. If he wants to work out with you so bad, invite him to a swim workout with you. I bet after he does a few ladder sets he will change his tune.

  15. You’ve said yourself that you haven’t spoken to her since this confession. Like the marriage, the friendship will end due to her bad choices. Let her go and let her husband gain some peace of mind.

  16. i love stories about cheaters being miserable while their exes move onto better people. thanks for sharing ❤

  17. It definitely is kind of suspicious. Being in a relationship is a pretty important part of one's life. If you talk with somebody not just in passing but plenty of times, it's pretty weird you haven't even mentioned that new relationship. Especially when talking about mental health, I don't see how you fail to mention being in a relationship. Sounds like a pretty important thing that affects your mental health.

    It doesn't neccessarily have to mean any foul play has happened, but it is definitely on the irregular side.

  18. Sketchy. Condoms expire. Unless he didnt know, he could of said that he simply threw them away. For him to say he masturbated with them is pretty weird.

  19. Your wife’s tiddies don’t produce milk. She’s having your son suck on them knowing this. She’s using your son as a prop to satisfy her dysphoria. The hungry baby isn’t gonna appreciate that. You’re right to be bothered here.

  20. Even if you feel that way, it's possible she doesn't. You have to make it clear to her that you're not looking for a relationship right now, and ask her if it's okay that you continue having contact knowing that.

    I was in a similar situation with my ex. We started talking again, hanging out, etc. I immediately let him know that I'm not interested in any kind of relationship (romantic or sexual) with him. He accepted and agreed, but I slowly realized he did have feelings for me and wanted more.

    Like asking if we could have a sleepover, suggested that he'll cook dinner for me, being a bit too close, etc.

    I told him once again that we're never going to be together, and if he has any feelings for me we can't continue being friends.

    He denied this, but I knew he wasn't being truthful. So I cut contact.

    So, even if she denies it, be aware of the “red flags” and cut contact if you suspect feelings are involved, for both of your sakes.

  21. Its not about toxic masculinity. Men can cry, my best friends have cried in front of me many times and i try to emotionally support them as best i can. Am i not allowed to process my negative emotions in another way than crying and opening up to people or whatever? I get that its a part of toxic masculinity to say ''Men shouldn't cry'' or whatever, i dont believe that at all, its just not how i personally like to process my emotions, stop calling me toxic for it please.

  22. I've met more than a few men who go after women who are accomplished specifically because it is a prize. They want a proven naked commodity so that they can be more impressive to their friends or their social status or their family or whatever. They don't want the women they chase to actually be more impressive or better or in any way a threat to their self-image after they've secured a hold on them. I even dated a guy like that. He literally could not stand if I got more attention for the work I was doing. But he absolutely straight up told me that he valued that I was creative and accomplished. It's like people hunting a trophy buck.

  23. Except they would be both of your kids and he would have every right to take them. With our without your permission. What if he doesn't want to take them, but wants to raise them with their values? This is a major reason why people with different religions often don't work.

  24. No, you're wrong. If there's enough lubrication the dick can enter fast, unfortunately. As OP described, in easier on missionary position. Unfortunately it happened to me and my fiancée once

  25. It’s usually this lol what the fuck does his break up have to do with him getting to work 😂. Did bro not have a way to work before this like bro this smells like bullshit wrapped in a turd sandwich.

  26. If you do it, I foresee reading another post titled “I Slept with Someone Else and Now My Wife Wants a Divorce. Am I at Fault?”

  27. So you forgive him, and he continues cheating on you and disrespecting you? You find that acceptable? How would you feel if a close friend did that?

    Love yourself and put you first. This troll does not lo e you. He is willingly cheating and exposing you to disease.

    Walk away and keep your head held high. Be strong. There is a world waiting on you.

  28. You are making too big a deal out of this. Of course you can come back from it. They probably don’t assume their daughter is abusive, so my guess is that they’re afraid you got into an fight or something. The longer you stick around and be kind and not a fighter, the more they’ll find the story a funny anecdote about when you met.

    Give yourself a break. Or everything is a huge deal.

  29. because I take everything the wrong way

    I… don’t know how else that could be taken. He literally just said he’d straight up abandon you if you were sick. How else were you supposed to take it?!

  30. You really need to get your shit together and fast. You are trying to force your son to be comfortable with the second abusive person in his life. Are you kidding me right now?

    The problem is the three adults in this story. Your ex and husband for being abusive and you for continuing to put your son in these situations. I feel sorry for him and trust he realized today that no one in his life protects him

  31. You’ve only known him two weeks, and you know you can’t be in a relationship with him. It sounds like the easiest, least confusing thing to do would be to stop talking to him.

  32. Why can’t she pay for the surgery herself.

    Because she's not the one that wants it? He wants her to get it done. Did you even read the post? She has no idea he wants her to have bigger boobs. It's all about him.

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