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  1. I want to say from personal experience that this is common but it isn’t the norm by any means. I have atleast 15 friends from India who dated and married outside their race. The world is changing, and so is India. Lots and lots of Indians these days do not wish to follow this, and it’s completely fine to not.

  2. I do a lot of DEI education, if you want to talk more feel free to message me. I might be able to help you with getting them to understand that white people are blind to so many micro aggressions as well as out right racism. Then when confronted with it they don’t see it. You don’t want your baby called a thug or people to ask about their hair or ask to touch it. They may need support in how to respond if ever confronted with it.

  3. Senior year of high school, my best friends girlfriend broke up with him. I took him out to talk about it and while we were out, his mother was hit by a car and died. Everyone told his ex-gf that she should take him back, etc etc. She did not. It was awful, but now, as an adult, I think she did the right thing. There is never a perfect time.

  4. It's possible that it's not about emotional availability, but rather not being able to form a strong bond in a long distance relationship. At least I know I couldn't do it. He might feel you guys are a match in theory, but the distance between you makes it impossible for him to get fully attached.

  5. The guys I am surrounded with telling me that my decision is right and above 35 women are less fertile.

    Wow, what are the odds a bunch of male obstetricians and fertility specialists all live! close to one another and are all friends?

  6. If there are two bathrooms why not just have one each, clean your own and leave her to shower in her own filth.

    You need to sit down with her, tell her you don't feel the living arrangement is working for you and agree a cleaning rota which you must both stick to. If she doesn't clean something don't do it for her. I would think about finding somewhere else to live! as you two clearly aren't compatible at sharing living space

  7. that's not revenge porn, revenge porn is when someone posts someone distributes someone else's nudes without their consent, not to say recording without consent isn't also illegal and horrible but it's a different crime

  8. Plus sometimes cats are just assholes. We got ours as a kitten when my dog was like 8 and she still messes with her ??‍♀️

  9. All 30 of them will hate you soon. You threw your staff under the bus to kiss ass to upper management and show everyone how powerful you are. They’re all going to know that you’re a backstabbing tattle tale because word travels fast, and morale will deteriorate in your little fiefdom. And the consequences of that—higher labor costs, complaints, lost sales—will fall on you. That’s why good managers know that morale is everything. As to what to do, did you give that any thought before running to tattle to upper management? Did you think about that when putting black marks in the personnel files of two adult women for taking a celebratory drink of alcohol that was offered to them? No, you didn’t. So… maybe find a new job more suited to your skill set?

  10. Are you aware of how much porn he watches? A therapist friend informed me that this has become a problem in many relationships. So much self gratification and fantasy that being stimulated by an actual partner becomes difficult.

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