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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. He clearly is very interested in her. And this is not right. He shouldn't be caring more about another woman than he does for his wife

  2. For real man there is no elaboration on what exactly the issue is with their sex life and people are still saying break up with him ?

  3. It's the fact his brain is telling him you are not good for him because of the alcohol, that's why the same things happen to smokers and druggies, if they quit, they won't want to be around people doing that thing. I can't stand soda, and I feel disgusted when people drink it because I used to drink it. I would just suggest hiding the alcohol by bringing a “cleanup bag” with caffeine pills, mouthwash, and some perfume/other scent. He'll get over the reaction, it can just take a long time.

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  5. You are both right- you feel like a sex toy for him. And you are. He says you should find someone your own age. And you should. See? you’re both right

  6. I am asking for a credit report to view all accounts in his name. Several people have said he plans on leaving me, which I suppose is possible for anyone to be doing in any relationship… pretty gross though if it’s true, considering how much ‘acting’ or pretending to be happy he is doing. Time will tell I am sure.

  7. I am answering this as the oldest kid to a dad who wasn't in my life the first 18 years [because the woman he married after I was born didn't want him to be in my life] and only sporadically after that: only choose the side that is in the best interest of the child. Be supportive of both the mother and your husband. Do not vilify her or hold any ill will against her or the child. If you feel yourself becoming resentful, get into therapy as soon as possible to deal with that. Best of luck.

  8. It was a test, but not the way you think. He’s trying to see how far he can push & manipulate you. See if you are susceptible to gaslighting.

  9. I don’t have any strong preferences really, with each person comes their own set of attractive features. I don’t wish there was anything different about him. I’ve never sought out a specific type of look or found one look to be more compelling than any other either. I just worry that because he does, he’s going to miss that, and he’s sort of validated that

  10. Welcome to the world of dating cis men…there’s a reason why they have a reputation for neglecting their health. Your options here are pretty limited. You can accept that this is how he is, or you can leave.

  11. A considerate boyfriend would have driven to yours with dinner already picked up then let you sleep. This guy is a selfish, childish idiot who cares nothing for your safety or well-being. Not much of a loss here if you move on.

  12. Some points are ok, some are not. You are not his mum, and that is what he wants. If he is able to make agreements and be coherent, he isn’t too bad, IMO. You should be supportive, but on the other hand, you online separate lives. Why would you cook for him, unless it is a pleasure for you? He can pick up the phone and order take outs. I would centre on getting practical help for him- is there a charitable association for adhd for instance or a support group?

  13. It's cliche, but I recommend therapy for yourself before you make any more decisions about your family. Since you're so alone, it's such a relief to have someone in your corner, with your best interests. It's a safe place to work through your feelings and organize your thoughts, you'll also feel satisfaction from your therapist validating your hard line on cheating (if they don't, get another therapist).

  14. He was trying to impress you with wit, failed, and you’re now turned off. I would be too. Don’t feel indebted to have to like something about him, and if when you politely say you’re not feeling it and he PRESSES, you can tell him recycling a dumb tic tok joke was lame. And maybe he’ll know better than to do it next time!

  15. I guess you missed the one yesterday about the guy who doesn’t wipe his ass and leaves poop on the couch in the bed and you can see it through his clothes

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