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  1. I like that. I just gotta think of the right words for it….I felt like I just sorta excused her and 'understood' her, and we each felt a happy relief from it, and things have been feeling good with us since, as though things are revived. So yeah, considering that I'd like to be tactful with my words in a way that doesn't discourage the scenario entirely, you know..

  2. Rather than confront her, I would have a more general conversation. If you attack her friendship with this guy she’s just going to get defensive. Instead, talk about how you both should handle feelings for other people; would you want her to tell you if she has a crush on someone? Would she like to know if you do? At what point does it cross the line from harmless crush to desire to move forward with another relationship?

    I have had small crushes on coworkers and my boyfriend knew about my “work husband” back when I was a server. That guy was the bartender and we got close and always helped each other out. There was nothing actually going on (kissing, hand holding, sex, etc.) we were both just flirty people who worked well together. I never in a million years would have considered leaving my boyfriend for this guy and I made that clear so my bf wasn’t jealous or anything.

    But if I ever felt like I wanted to go on a date with someone else or I thought about someone seriously as a potential partner, that would be the time to sit down and talk with my bf.

    All of this is personal preference. You may have just read that and gone “oh my god that is insane and I would have an aneurism if my gf did that.” So that’s why you and your gf need to have a heart to heart about this. Plus keep in mind that she’s your high school girlfriend and it may not last forever. It’s ok if you realize you want different things or have different values.

  3. I think you’re going at this all wrong. He was trying to give you a spa experience, knowing you have been stressed. He’s just bad at. Picking products. Go easy on him. His heart is in the right place. Very thoughtful.

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